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Keep Calm & Wet The Baby’s Head - Gift Ideas For The New Mummy & Daddy

August 09, 2022

Keep Calm & Wet The Baby’s Head -  Gift Ideas For The New Mummy & Daddy

Your best friend has just had a baby with their partner. What do you get? They’re in over their head, covered in spit-up, and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks. You really want to give them something helpful, something they will use, that will actually make a difference. But what is it? We’re here to help! Our range of mummy hampers are ideal for those new little bundles of joy.

To make life super easy, we’ve got gifts to help with the baby, gifts to satisfy the parents’ food cravings, and even gifts that will help them to live a stress-free newborn life. A good gift should make the recipient feel special and loved, but also be extremely useful. It can be almost impossible to find that perfect gift! 

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard yards. From gorgeous food hampers to baby bouncers, we’ve come up with the best gift ideas for new parents. Don’t stress, keep calm, and wet the baby’s head. We’ve got you covered. 

Food Hamper

A food hamper is exactly what new parents need! New parents can enjoy some delicious snacks without having to cook. A hamper will go down a treat. You can sneak some bath salts or oil, baby products, or a bottle of wine as a lovely added touch. New parents need a little luxury in their crazy lives. 

Baby Carrier 

A baby carrier is a super useful gift that will be adored by new parents. Babywearing allows the new parents to be as close as possible to their baby, while also having two hands free. They can clean the house, or run errands while the baby is comfortable on their chest. A baby carrier will be a total lifesaver! Try to find one that is suitable for infants up to 2 years. You’ll also want to make sure the carrier can be used on the front and back of the body. This ensures the gift is versatile and practical. 

Baby carrier

Coffee Machine 

Did you know that new parents are always exhausted? Yes, of course you did. Because they’re forever complaining about it. A coffee machine will help new parents stay wide awake and maybe, just maybe, keep some of those complaints at bay. A coffee machine can be on the expensive side. However, it will be worth the price. New parents will appreciate the thoughtfulness and practicality of this gift. 

Coffee machine gifts

Heirloom Baby Blanket

An heirloom baby blanket will keep the baby warm in the short term and stay as an heirloom in the long term. An heirloom baby blanket should be made with quality material, in a classic design, and by hand. It needs to stand the test of time. Ideally, the heirloom blanket will be a memento for life. If you have the skills, you can even hand knit the baby blanket yourself. If this isn’t for you, there are so many talented artists who can make it for you! 


Newborn life is stressful! Parents need a reprieve from the chaos. A nice bottle of wine will be much appreciated by overwhelmed parents. If you’re lucky they may even share a glass with you. Cheers to new life over a much needed catch up with the new parents. 


Baby Monitor 

A baby monitor is essential for new parents, it’s also something that can easily be forgotten about. Treat the new parents to a swish baby monitor. The monitor watches the newborn sleep while the parents get on with other things. It helps calm an over-anxious parents’ nerves and keeps the baby safe while unsupervised. Get one with all the bells and whistles to spoil the new parents. Monitors with motion and sound sensors, temperature control, lights, music, and extensive range are particularly amazing. 

Spa Day

New parents are in dire need of some pampering. Treat both parents, or maybe just mummy, to a well deserved “me” day. A spa day helps boost wellbeing and manage stress. New parents need some quiet relaxation time, especially when they are feeling tired, stressed, and anxious. You’ll be a life-saver for this gift! 

Our range of pamper hampers are perfect for these at home spa days that don't cost a fortune!

Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer will be loved by new parents. A baby bouncer rocks a baby to sleep without relying on parents. Depending on the model you get, it can also entertain and exercise the baby. Baby bouncers are convenient, safe, and very effective. Try to find a bouncer that has different modes, can be moved throughout the house, is comfortable for babies, and is made from natural fibres. 

Swaddle Blanket 

If you’re looking for an affordable gift, buy a selection of cute swaddle blankets for the new parents. Swaddle blankets are one of those things parents need an unlimited supply of! There are so many lovely patterns and designs you can choose from. Parents will definitely like the usefulness of this gift, especially during the newborn phase. 

Baby Food Maker

A baby food maker is a great gift that will really come in handy. Instead of pureeing, baking, and cooking endless vegetables for hours on end, the food maker does it for you in the blink of an eye. A baby food maker will steam, cook, and blend vegetables. It is also dishwasher safe! During baby weaning, a food maker will be used all the time by parents! It will be a miracle product for parents! 

Keepsake Memory Book

The early years of parenthood fly by! Get the new parents a keepsake memory book so they can record all of the special moments. Memory books can keep ultrasound photos, the original pregnancy test, maternity photos, the birth story, milestones, letters from loved ones, and the list goes on! Parents can personalise the book with unique memories from the first years of the baby’s life. A memory book is a priceless gift for new parents! 

Memory book

Slow Cooker

New parents need quick solutions to everyday chores. Cooking can be so time consuming. A slow cooker is an easy way to make nutritious meals at home. All you have to do is throw some ingredients in the slow cooker, turn it on, and wait for the magic to happen. Slow cooking is a fabulous gift for new parents who are time poor. 

Luxe Bathrobe 

New parents spend an awful lot of time at home. Give them a luxurious bathrobe to lounge around in. New parents need to be as comfortable as possible when they are dealing with a tired, hungry baby. A gorgeous bathrobe is particularly useful for a breastfeeding mum! Treat the new parents you know to a lush bathrobe.  

Crib Sheets 

Crib sheets are always needed, just like swaddle blankets. You can purchase crib sheets in all sorts of colours, patterns, designs, and textures. Find a couple of crib sheets that fit in with the nursery design for a special touch. It’s best to purchase crib sheets that are organic and made with natural fibres. Only the best, softest crib sheets for the new baby! 

Food Delivery Voucher 

Parents often don’t have time for cooking (even with a slow cooker!). A food delivery voucher can make life so much easier for new parents. If they’re caught up with the baby or don’t have the energy for anything after a busy day, a food delivery voucher is a Godsend. Find a delivery company that is local, reputable, and has a lot of food options. The new parents will be very grateful for it! 

Children’s Books

It’s never too early to start reading to the little one! Buy a couple of your favourite children’s books to gift new parents. Books are a great way to entertain a newborn without relying on the T.V, and they promote quality time between the baby and parents. If you choose a classic children’s book to give, it will remain a beautiful memento of the newborn period. Children’s books are the perfect mix of sentimental and practical. 

Children's books

Electronic File for Baby Nails 

Yes, it’s very niche. But, an electronic file for newborn nails is genius, plus it makes for a great present! Baby nails are notoriously sharp and fast growing. It can be dangerous to try to cut a baby’s nails when they are wiggling all over the place! That’s why the electronic file is so useful. It safely and gently grinds nails with an electronic file.  

Polaroid Camera 

Help the new parents fill their keepsake memory book with polaroids of the family. A polaroid camera captures special moments and immediately prints a physical photo of them. Instead of accumulating thousands of digital photos, a polaroid camera lets you cherish memories in an instant. It’s the perfect gift for new parents who want to remember everything about their little baby. 

Amber Bracelet 

An amber bracelet is the most affordable present on this list. Amber helps to ease teething pain and encourages sleep. An amber bracelet is a perfect gift for new parents who want to try to soothe their baby with natural methods. Try to purchase a larger bracelet that has room for the baby to grow into it! Once they’ve passed the teething stage, it’s a lovely idea to keep the bracelet for sentimental purposes. 

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