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July 19, 2022

What is a spa?

Historically spas were places in which people had a healing and medicinal bath with mineral-rich water. Several towns have grown around these mineral water sources such as Bath World Heritage Site, in which ancient Celts and Romans bathed in warm water 2,000 years ago. Thermal spas built near natural hot springs in Britain and mineral springs spas in the States provided hydrotherapy and other healing rituals.

There are also now a range of pamper hampers on the market to enable you to enjoy a luxury, home spa experience.


What is a spa in modern times?

Nowadays, spas focus on a large variety of beauty & wellness treatments for your wellbeing. Most of them don't even have thermal water sources in their vicinity!

While some spas are basic establishments with little more than a massage table, others are opulent resorts that draw visitors from all over the world.

Spas offer to a wide range of customers who want to disconnect and relax. For corporate leaders, several top health spas have created multi-day wellness boot camps with strict food regimens, physical assessments, and individualised treatments.

Spas have also grown in popularity as a substitute for clubbing for singles who like to unwind and indulge. Others visit spas to participate in mindfulness retreats or to get anti-aging skin care treatments.

 Relaxing spa day

What is a spa day like?

Spa has become a favourite recreational option for generations who want to escape everyday noise and settle into a time of peace and quiet. But the answer to what is a spa day, differs significantly depending upon the kind of spa they want and the kind of service that they visit. There are many ways to break down the typical spa day.

The main types of spa are destination spa, resort, hotel, and day spa. Experiences can vary from place to place, though generally destinations are all-inclusive and oriented towards holistic treatment of body and mind through massage. The resort spa may include many of the amenities offered by the spa but allows for the choice of individual experience. Day spas will fit your daily schedule with people often requesting certain treatment sessions. The spa will give you several different treatments based on what you are looking for.

Other than the overarching relaxing idea, there is no particular spa feel. That often indicates a welcoming, leisurely, and delightful feeling, one that is evoked by all the senses, from sight to scent.

You might bring a range of items to the spa, depending on the type of treatment you're looking for. It is advised that you bring a few necessities, such as a book or anything to keep you occupied as the concept of the event is to escape from the everyday routine. As you'll be wearing a bathrobe the entire day, you'll also need comfy underwear. You should also bring a change of clothing for later. If you intend to spend time in a mud bath, hot tub, or sauna room, you might also want to pack a swimsuit.

Visitors to spas will probably also put on a robe once treatments start. At the start of your spa visit you could be requested to remove your clothes (albeit discreetly covered by a towel) during the treatment, especially for massages and body wraps. However, the spa visitor is still in charge and should discuss their comfort level with their practitioner, whether it be with regard to the number of garments they are wearing, the room's temperature, or discomfort from a thorough massage. While there is a certain amount of giving in to the treatment's flow, the visitor should always feel free to keep lines of communication open.

Relaxing at the spa

What to do after the chosen spa?

It's ideal to let your skin breathe and absorb the creams and oils the therapist just administered after the encounter. Therefore, it is not recommended to take a shower or put on makeup just after the treatment. It's also advisable to give your therapist a customary 10–20% gratuity.


Most Popular Spa Treatment 

Massage/Specialty Massage

The field of massage therapy encompasses a variety of practices. For instance, deep tissue massages use firm pressure throughout the body with extra focus on trouble spots. An enjoyable method to relax with a lovely aroma while simultaneously releasing knots is to use essential oils in a massage. In their massages, some professionals employ hot stones. It's crucial for clients to speak out if this doesn't seem right so that the therapist may switch back to utilising hands.


Specialty Massages

Athletes, expectant mothers who want prenatal massages, or anyone who wants to try something new can all benefit from specialty massages. Reflexology or a Thai hot steam (a type of thermal spa) massage are two examples of this.

Facial Spa Treatments 

A facial is an ideal approach to revitalise yourself and feel fantastic. It's also great for special events and may even be included in your daily skincare routine. Numerous facial spa procedures can be performed for a variety of objectives, including better skin tone, decreased wrinkles and acne, and increased skin hydration.

Lymphatic facial

A lymphatic facial may be desired by someone whose face has swollen due to jaw clenching. These facials focus on specific facial areas to minimise facial puffiness and headaches. It's crucial to remember that these effects are transient with facials. It is best to consult a dermatologist with training if you want more durable results.

Microdermabrasion facial

Facials with microdermabrasion are excellent for removing aging-related dead skin cells and revealing a young shine. This procedure uses a face vacuum followed by a pressured jet. Each cheek should be able to receive a customised jet setting at the spa.

Brightening Facial

People who desire a more dewy look for their skin frequently get brightening facials. This procedure may include acid treatments, mild masks, or chemical peels.

standard facial

Standard facials target certain areas. In addition to cleaning up the pores, it frequently includes massaging the head and neck.

LED Facial

For people who desire to treat face acne, an LED or light-emitting diode facial is ideal. This non-invasive method is also known as colour light therapy. Like other laser treatments, it employs certain wavelengths to treat inflammation and acne on the face. After receiving an LED facial, many people notice an improvement in their complexion, lessened redness, and fewer wrinkles.

Body Therapy

Spas provide body therapy services that are far more advanced than what is possible at home and sometimes use steam rooms. Body scrubs can be used on their own or in conjunction with other treatments. To accomplish hydration or detoxification, this procedure starts with a complete body exfoliation. Applying salt or sugar all over is followed by rinsing it off. Next, moisturiser is applied. While massaging the body, the therapist will apply cream, mud, clay, or even seaweed for a lengthy amount of time. Body treatment services can provide whatever results the customer desires, which are often to moisturise or detoxify the skin's surface.


Deciding on a spa treatment

Before a visit, the visitor must understand the need to choose a treatment that fits him or her best. The most common treatment is usually massage. Often misinterpreted as a mere pampering luxury, massage is considered complementary and integrated with medicine. The Mayo Clinic claims that massage has a proven therapeutic effect for preventing and treating pain and anxiety. Facials are another common treatment and can provide an easier and more healthy complexion by cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin's surface.

You can choose between different spa options such as hotel spas, a destination spa or an at-home-spa experience, depending on which spa services you prefer and your budget. Something like the mini pamper gift box would be ideal for those on a smaller budget.

Hotel spas

A spa hotel is a lodging establishment whose main goal is to cater to the specific needs of spa-seeking customers while putting an emphasis on their health.

A spa hotel often provides opulent spa facilities, exclusive signature spa services (massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and body treatments) available only at that hotel's spa, as well as better standards of amenities and guest care (luxurious brand of spa products and cosmetics, personal guidance through the spa, tea service, etc.). Typically, spa hotels provide amenities like a steam room, sauna, fitness centre, hot tubs, foot baths and swimming pools. Certain spa hotels may include fitness lessons, and the option to hire a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, or a nutritionist.

Prices at spa hotels are often more expensive than those at regular hotels or day spas. A weekend getaway or a romantic getaway might be ideal at a spa hotel. Locals who want to book a treatment can do so at several spa hotels. However, they might not have complete access to all the amenities a hotel guest would (swimming pool, gym, etc.), or they would need to purchase a day pass.

Destination spas

If you're going on a vacation, you'll have to choose between destination spas and resort spas.

Destination spas are fully functional spas with cutting-edge amenities and the best experts in their professions providing specialised spa vacation programmes. Many destination spas focus on comprehensive wellbeing, with each spa specialising in a specific skill set, way of thinking, or location. Most individuals visit destination spas for week-long programmes to improve their health or to concentrate on a specific problem that can only be resolved via properly planned and methodically carried out diet, exercise, and spa treatments. Resort purists like destination spas, but every spa offers programmes that are suitable for first-timers as well, so everyone may gain from a spa retreat.

A spa resort is a spa that is part of a hotel or resort and is open to resort visitors for day usage, while some also accept non-guests for spa appointments. Spa resorts are more typical than spas at other locations.

Casual spa users who are travelling and aren't primarily interested in the spa are drawn to resort spas.

Home Spa Treatments

An "at-home spa treatment" is anything you can do at home that improves your body as well as your mind and soul as a whole, albeit there isn't a precise description for this. It's not really an at-home spa treatment if you're exfoliating in the bathroom while your kid chases after you while hurling grape juice at you (unless that sounds blissful to you). However, using a high-quality exfoliation that feels wonderful on your skin and taking your time while doing so would be considered an at-home spa treatment. You could even listen to some soothing music while doing your manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments. And among time-and money-pressed women and men, at-home spa treatments are a better option than a destination spa and day spas.

How to create the perfect home spa experience

The home spa comes in a variety of forms. A home spa is sure to become a favourite spot for any homeowner who appreciates a little relaxation, from bathrooms furnished with basic spa-like elements to a room dedicated to pampering with full-on spa facilities.

Lighting and atmosphere

Any bathroom may be designed to have a spa-like atmosphere. It takes careful planning to develop a bathroom-spa combination. Consider lighting and colour first. The use of calm colours, delicate lighting, and plush textures is an excellent place to start. Opt for spa-like fittings like basin sinks, waterfall showerheads, shower sprayer systems, and jet tubs when picking your fixtures. There are countless ways to transform common bathroom fixtures into little spa settings.

There are several genuine spa-grade amenities that may be installed in the house to elevate the at-home spa experience. Some of the most sophisticated in-home spa amenities that elevate at-home relaxation include steam rooms, saunas, and whirlpool spas. You could completely forget that you are in your house and not at a spa thanks to features like mood lighting, room for a massage table, and music speakers for a calm atmosphere.

music and scent

"Music is also significant. You might want to check for natural melodies as well. All the therapists I know use Spotify to access themed music like "music to massage" or "music for meditation." To create your own "soundscape," whether it be a forested ambience, tranquil stream, or evening crickets, try apps like Nature Sound and Calm."

Scent is essential to the spa experience since it may oftentimes bring back pleasant memories for many of us. Maybe you still have a candle from your most recent spa outing or a bottle of your preferred massage oil. I like Comfort Zone's Tranquility line; a few drops of the scent applied to the pressure points on my wrists quickly transports me to a spa by conjuring up memories of my most recent visit. The Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy line, which is based on the Japanese practice of "forest bathing," is a great choice if you want to bring the outdoors inside.


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