Craft Beer Gifts & Hampers

Craft beer

You might hear this term a lot, but what is it? The general definition is a beer made by smaller breweries in smaller batches. These breweries put their heart and soul into their different craft beers and are constantly experimenting with flavours. 

All craft beers have the same thing in common; they are packed with distinct, detectable flavours. All are made with the finest ingredients, care, and skill to make them positively scrumptious. At the Awesome Hamper Company, we are creating the ultimate craft beer gifts and hampers, perfect for the favourite people in your life.

Beer lover

Whether a friend or family member enjoys a little drink of beer at the pub, you can now help them celebrate any special occasion by giving them the ideal gift of a craft beer gift set or hamper. They are an excellent gift idea to enjoy for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or even Christmas. 

The wide collection of craft beer received in each gift will give every recipient a taste sensation on the tongue. They will get the chance to experience past and future favourites and be exposed to the newest craft beer brands and their top ales. If you have a beer lover in your life, who likes to have a relaxing drink, this is the gift for them! 


Fantastic beer hampers

We have an extensive range of beer hampers suitable for any occasion and price range. Every hamper will contain a carefully curated selection of the best craft beers in cans from a range of different brands in the UK. We have chosen each real ale for its delicious taste. To accompany the range of beer are some of the yummiest snacks around, such as delectable chocolates, yummy nuts, and tasty crisps. 

All products will be carefully packaged in a beautiful high-quality wicker hamper, which can be repurposed as an excellent household accessory.


Awesome craft beer gifts

Not after a hamper? We offer all our hampers as a gift box instead. They can be found in various sizes to suit all price ranges. The Awesome Hamper Company beer gifts will contain the very best of ales along with the most mouth-watering snacks. 

All beers in our gifts and hampers contain alcohol at different abv.


Beer gifts for every occasion

The Awesome Hamper Company beer gifts and hampers are suitable for any occasion for your favourite beer fanatic. They are the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gifts, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Or even a gift for yourself where you can invite your friends for a chilled afternoon in the garden or for watching movies, whilst tasting the best beers around and tucking into the tastiest of treats!


Personalise your beer gift

Every beer gift and hamper can be made even more memorable by choosing to have a personalised gift message at the checkout. 

Each message will be written on a high-quality gift card.

Imagine your loved one opening their incredible gift and then seeing you made that extra effort with a personalised message; it will make their day and create some fantastic memories!


Why choose the Awesome Hamper Company?

We specifically choose each beer and snack to ensure only the highest quality of items are used in all our hampers and gifts. We are a small, family-run business and package everything ourselves. Each beer hamper and beer gift are carefully packaged to ensure your items reaches its recipient in perfect condition.

See our range of beer hampers and beer gifts below.

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