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Dog Hampers & Gifts

All of our pups deserve the best. From the most delicious dog treats to toys to keep them entertained for hours, we wish we could give them everything. Our dog hampers and unique dog gifts are the perfect way to bring tail wagging joy to all of our fur babies.

Filled with dog toys, dog treats and essentials, our range of hampers have all the goodies you need to bring fun to your four legged friend.

Whatever the occasion, our hampers are the perfect way to show your pooch that you love them. If you are gifting a friend or family members dog, or celebrating the holiday season, (because pets shouldn't be left out on special occasions) leave a message with our 'personalise it' option to add that extra special touch and create personalised gifts for your furry friend.

For the treat loving dogs

Our hampers are filled to the brim with delicious selection of tasty treats that any dog will go barking mad for.

All of our products are sourced from the UK and are of high quality, so you can trust our hampers for your dog.

The perfect gift

We know it can be hard to find the perfect present to show your appreciation for your dog, so our hampers have a whole range of products perfect for just that.

Whether it's Christmas gifts or birthday gifts you are looking for, we have a hamper perfect for your dogs.

New puppy hamper and box

Bringing a new puppy into the home can be nerve wracking for both the humans and the dog. Help them settle into their new home with a new puppy hamper full of goodies they will love and essentials for helping them in their new home.

Each puppy is different, which is why we have a whole category of hampers for you to choose from.

If you're rescuing an older dog, our personalised dog gifts and hampers are the perfect way to treat them in their new home.

Special occasions

Celebrating Christmas? Your dogs birthday? Our dog hampers are the perfect way to include them in the holiday spirit and gift giving tradition and treat them, whatever the occasion.

With treats, accessories and toys, a dog hamper is the perfect way to create joy for your dog.

We know the importance of our pets, which is why the products that we choose to go in our pet hampers are all of a high quality and are made in the UK.

Choosing the Perfect Dog Hamper for your dog

Dog lovers all over know how every dog has its own unique personality, which is why it is so important to choose the perfect hamper for your dog.

When picking the dog gift, think about the types of toys your dog goes mad over and what treats get their tail wagging. You're in the right place to find the perfect gift to treat your pup!

Why choose the Awesome Hamper company?

We are dedicated to creating perfect and unique gifts, and within our wide range of products and hampers we have something for everyone, including your beloved dogs and cats.

All of our products are ones you can trust as they are of a high quality and hand picked by our team of experts.