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Sweet Jars

Bursting with colours and flavours, the Awesome Hamper Company’s range of sweet jars are not only delicious but delightful to look at. Inside our stylish, vintage style sweet jars you’ll find all manner of sweet treats including retro classics, fizzy favourites, juicy gummies and traditional hard boiled sweets. The perfect option for a birthday present, candy trolley at an event or even as a gift to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, our sweet jars are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Young and old will adore the mix of sweets and candies which can be found in our sweet jars, which are available in a range of sizes and varieties. Each sweet jar is fit to burst with only the highest quality confectionary and is individually packaged by hand to ensure our sweet jars look the part and taste the part.

The contents of our sweet jars have a long shelf life because the sweet jars can be resealed time and time again. This means that you can take as long as you like to enjoy the flavoursome fillings… although we can’t imagine ours sweet jars lasting very long if you’ve got a sweet tooth!

If you’re sending one of our sweet jars as a gift, why not make it personal for the recipient? All our sweet jars can have bespoke messages included on a sticker on the front at no extra charge. Simply select the sticker design from our range of different images, add your text, and bob's your uncle! A super special gift for any occasion.

Take a look through our full range of sweet jars below.