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70s Retro Sweet

Get ready to dig out the flares and platform shoes and brush up on your dancing moves with a taste of the decade which brought us disco from the Awesome Hamper Company’s 70s retro sweet collection. Packed with classics from this exciting period of time, the team at the Awesome Hamper Company have carefully created a collection of retro sweet products which are fit to burst with favourites from the 1970s.

From fizzy sweet shop classics through to chocolate treats of old, our 70s retro sweet hampers, boxes and other gifts are certainly a trip down memory lane. Whether you’re celebrating the birthday of someone who was born in the 1970s, reminiscing about a wedding anniversary from this decade, or simply love a taste of times gone by, our collection of 70s retro sweets will not disappoint!

All of our hampers and boxes are carefully packed by hand by the team at the Awesome Hamper Company. We take great care to ensure all the products in our retro decades range, including our 70s retro sweets collection, contain classics from the decade and each product is wrapped securely to ensure they are not damaged in transit.

If you’re sending a 70s retro sweet product as a gift, be sure to make use of our free personalisation service, complete with a 1970s themed gift card inside. Simply select the personalisation option when you add the item to your basket and type your special message.

View our full range of 70s retro sweets below, or check out the rest of our decades collection which includes retro sweets and chocolates from the 60s, 80s and 90s!