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Corporate Gift Ideas For Christmas 2022!

October 24, 2022

Corporate Gift Ideas For Christmas 2022!

It can be so difficult to find the perfect gift for your colleagues. You usually don’t know them well enough to find a super personal gift. So, you need to find something professional and high-quality, but still thoughtful. Searching for the right corporate gift is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Luckily for you, we’ve found some amazing corporate gift ideas. These are all gifts that are the ideal mixture of professional and personal! Your colleagues will be very grateful for these lovely presents. 

Read on to find out more about the best corporate gift ideas for 2022… 

Corporate Gift Hampers

Corporate hampers are a fantastic present. They are filled with a selection of high-quality sweets, snacks, and beverages. Corporate gift hampers are great for when you don’t know what to get! They are thoughtful, but not overbearing in any way. Corporate gift hampers are perfect for when you want to say “thank you” to a valued colleague. Find our range of corporate gift hampers on our website today! 

Home Fragrance

Who doesn’t love a fragrant house? Home fragrances are a fantastic gender-neutral, useful corporate gift. There is a range of scents and products available to purchase. You can choose a candle, reed diffuser, or a spray. Try to find a fragrance that will suit the person’s vibe and home. It’s always good to base it on their choice of perfume. Do they like floral, citrusy, masculine, subtle, or intense scents? This is a great place to base your decision on. It can be a big responsibility to choose a home fragrance the person will like! You can always bring a trusted friend shopping with you. Second opinions are very helpful when finding a corporate gift! 


Corporate folk love stationery! You can never have too many notebooks, pens, rulers, pencil cases, and notepads in your office. They always come in handy regardless of how much you already have. Purchase some new stationery for your colleagues this Christmas. You can choose a special collection of pens and paper, or even find stationary with their initials on! Just make sure you find stationary that is practical and stylish! Only the best for your valued colleagues. 

Luxury Tea Bag Collection

Get the tea-lover in your office a boutique selection of tea bags or tea leaves. A luxury tea bag collection gives someone the opportunity to try out a variety of bespoke tea flavours. We too often stick to our tried and true favourites. A luxury tea bag collection is a thoughtful and enjoyable corporate gift idea! 


Treat your colleague to a lovely bottle of wine this Christmas. Nobody is going to turn their nose up at a glass of wine after a long day at the office. Choose their favourite bottle or pick something a little adventurous for them. Either way, your colleague will definitely appreciate the gesture! Wine is a great corporate gift idea everyone is guaranteed to adore! 

Check out our range of wine hampers, including wonderful snacks to accompany them.

Wine Gift

Bath Salts or Bath Oils

Give the gift of self-care this Christmas. Treat your colleague to a luxurious night with some gorgeous bath salts or bath oil. Bath salts ease tension in the body and help with sleep. They are a perfect gift for someone in the office who has had a particularly stressful year. Encourage them to take it easy and get some R&R with some bath salts or bath oils. P.S, it might be a good idea to confirm they actually have a bath before splashing out on fancy products! 

Bath Salts

Photo Frames

Gift a photo frame to your colleague and make their special memories last forever. Photo frames can be found in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours. There is a shape and style for everyone! We all need a photo frame on our desk that reminds us of our friends and family. This is a thoughtful and useful gift for anyone you know in the corporate world! 


Flowers show someone how much you care and appreciate them. Flowers are a lovely gesture that isn’t too flamboyant or overly confident. Flowers are a fantastic gift for a colleague or manager this Christmas. They can be customised to suit the recipient's unique taste and will look amazing displayed on their desk. If you’re looking for a small thoughtful gift, think about picking up a bouquet of flowers this year. 

flower gift


Nobody ever has enough notebooks! Notebooks are a really useful, practical gift your colleague will adore. Notebooks come in all sorts of colours, styles, shapes, and sizes. You can easily find a notebook that will be perfectly suited to your colleague. 

Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are a great gift in the corporate world. They aren’t too presumptuous or personal. In fact, gift vouchers are ideal for people you like enough to give a present to, but don’t know very well. You can purchase a gift voucher from just about any shop you can think of. We recommend getting a gift voucher for a multipurpose shop that has lots of products available for them to choose from. You can even purchase a gift voucher for multiple people in your office! 

Gift Voucher

Chocolate Boxes 

Chocolate boxes are a special treat for the people you work with. Chocolate boxes are full of a delicious variety of chocolates. They are great presents for people you value in the work space. Chocolate boxes are a thoughtful and kind gesture of gratitude. A box of chocolates really will make someone's day. Make your colleagues day this Christmas with a box of chocolates. 

Chocolate box

Gift Cards

Sometimes you don’t need to give your colleague a physical gift to show them you care. Make a gift card at home and write a personalised message inside. Tell your colleague exactly why they are so good at their job, what you like about them, and why they are so amazing. Writing a card can be just as special as an extravagant present!

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