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Coffee Hampers & Coffee Gift Sets

A simple mug of coffee is loved by people up and down the country - whether its enjoying the smell of a freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning, or enjoying luxurious artisan infusions at a coffee shop, us Brits love this hot beverage. As a result, a coffee gift set can be the ideal choice for those coffee lovers among us, and at the Awesome Hamper Company, we’ve created a range of Coffee Hampers which are sure to hit the spot.

Containing coffee from different countries across the globe, plus including some delicious accompaniments to go with it such as biscuits or cakes, our hampers and boxes are the best coffee gift sets for those who love coffee. We’ve hand selected some of the finest brands and highest quality products to feature in our Coffee gifts, creating a luxurious range for any birthday, Christmas or other special occasion.

Shopping for a coffee lover

Whether you're shopping for a selection of rich instant coffees full of unique flavour or maybe more premium flavours from South America, our uk based business has a coffee gift suitable for every coffee lover. Our site has a coffee gift for everyone in the family and all your friends too, whichever type of coffee they love. The recipient of one of our coffee gift sets, be it a friend, family member, or loved one will enjoy this gift from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday whether they enjoy a coffee or tea first thing in the morning or last thing at night. We have included both instant coffees and ground coffees in our selection of products and we're always looking to add more! We even have a cafetiere included in one of our best selling coffee gift hampers.

Coffee gifts for coffee lovers

All of our gifts and hampers come complete with a beautiful traditional wicker hamper, and packaged by hand to ensure that they look fantastic upon receipt. Plus, we take care to ensure that all our hampers are wrapped securely, so that they are not damaged in transit.

At the Awesome Hamper Company, we also offer a personalisation service, meaning you can include a special message within the Coffee Hamper. Simply select the personalisation option when you add the hamper to the basket, select the gift card and type your message. We have a huge selection of designs to choose from including a couple of coffee and tea specific ones, that are of course free too. And don't worry about price, whether you're spending £10 or £100 we'll ensure your selection is in stock ready for a sage delivery. Create memories by ordering one of our famous gifts.

About coffee

We wanted to give you a brief background to coffee as we thought it may inspire and help you select the perfect gift. Legend has it that potential of this beloved drink originated in Ethiopia. Word quickly moved East and before long became a global sensation. The coffee trade began in the 15th Century and has evolved rapidly across the globe since. It wasn't long before people were being presented with a coffee gift at special times of the year. Plantations can now be found in 70 different countries around the world (none in the uk!) and include countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and most of South America. There are now so many aromas, flavours and styles of coffee in production around the world it would take a lifetimes to sample them all. The world now understands coffee very well, and indeed know it's benefits including living a longer life!

You'll find now that in nearly every shop and restaurant they are selling this wonderful caffeine filled drink and it's no surprise to hear that it's drunk all around the world. Did you know that Americans prefer to drink coffee where as in the uk tea is the preferred tipple. I mean, we still on average drink 2,800 cups of coffee per person every year! Search for yourself if you don't believe us ;)

Coffee facts

So here are a few facts about some of the best selling coffee beans and countries in the world:

The coffee beans that come from Ethiopia have a higher level or acidity, meaning that the coffees are well known for their fruity and floral flavours.

Colombian coffee production is a huge source of income for families. Over half a million families are involved in the production of coffee and over 2 million make their living and earn their money off of coffee beans. Colombian coffee is well known for having a stunning rich flavour and has done for many hundreds of years.

Brazil, along, produces around 30% of the entire worlds coffee! Opposite to Ethiopian coffee, Brazilian coffee has a more nutty and bittersweet chocolaty taste as it is low in acidity. This gives them a much bigger body.

And finally we take a quick look at Italian coffee. Venice, in Italy was one of the first European ports that imported coffee, which is one of the main reasons it became so popular there. The Italians don't drink their coffee hot, either. Italian coffee tends to be thicker in consistency and like Ethiopian coffee is slightly higher in acidity levels.

Something for everyone

Tea hampers, coffee gift sets, food, luxury, pamper hampers - all make the perfect gift. We have something for everyone. Be sure to search our spirits, wine, gin, whisky and many more best sellers under 'Food & Drink' in our main menu. There's no need to sign in or set up an account- just use our search bar and see what we can deliver to you anywhere in the UK. Be sure to check out the rest of our website keeping a close eye for exclusive offers, checkout our free tips and shop inspiration on our blog too.

Our Coffee gift range and coffee themed gifts come in all shapes and sizes, so can suit any budget or preferences. Check out the full product list below, or browse the rest of the Awesome Hamper Company’s products across the rest of our website. Details regarding price, sustainability and uk delivery can all be found on our news pages or about us section. You may even be looking for tips on all things coffee or gift related? If so, head over to our blog where we keep fresh content coming every month. There's no need to login or save any details - this content is free for everyone!

If you're looking to place your first order with us then thank you so much - we really do appreciate every order that's placed and we hope it brings a smile to someones face. If you are looking for a particular coffee gift but can't find what you're looking for then please do get in touch and we will see what we can do. We want to make sure that there is a coffee gift set for everyone.