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American Sweet Hampers

The perfect sweet hamper has arrived for all the American candy lovers our there.

You can't miss an American sweet because of its bright colour and fun packaging, and our American sweet hampers are no different, they bring together all of the delicious types of American sweets and put them all in one place for you.

With a whole range of American sweets and chocolate, including big brands you know and ones you may never have tried before, we are sure that buying an American sweet hamper, for yourself or as a gift, will bring you a lot of joy.

Our stock contains only the highest quality of American candies and chocolates.

Make it personal and add a message to one of our American style cards to make the gift just for them.


Why is American Candy special?

It's the amazing and delicious flavours that makes American candy so special. Every piece of packaging is eye catching and bold and we just can't get enough of it.

All of our hampers are filled to the brim with a mix assortment of American candy that isn't all readily available in the UK. From Hershey's chocolate to Jolly Rancher we have got it all.

Any American candy enthusiast would love to get one of these as a special gift. Whether it's the festive season or a birthday, our American sweet hamper is the perfect gift.

Your favourite American sweets

Packed with your favourite American sweets, our American sweet and chocolate hampers are sure to give you a taste of that flavour you are craving.

Filled with the perfect snacks, you are sure to love your own American sweet hamper or American candy box.

What goes into our American Sweet Hampers and boxes?

We've got goodies from all over the USA! Our shop is like an American candy wonderland, with some of the best American treats in stock that are on the market.

Each hamper is loaded with all the sweet treats you love from America, including Reese's Chocolate. It's the ultimate gift for anyone who's a fan of an American candy treat. Plus, we've got different options to fit different budgets, so there's something for everyone.

Make it your own

Make your hamper personal with our free 'personalise it' button. Click this and pick a free card with a personalised message to add in to your hamper to help make the gift extra special.