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60s Retro Sweets

The swinging 60s was a time of mini skirts, The Beatles and hippies - but did you know that the 1960s was also a decade which gave birth to some of our favourite retro sweets? 60s retro sweets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours, and some of our most iconic 1960s delights can be found in our special 60s retro sweets range, including our iconic hampers.

At the Awesome Hamper Company, we love nothing more than creating incredible gifts which make lasting memories. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or a special anniversary, our 60s retro sweets range offers something for any occasion.

Chock full of old favourites, including pick and mix classics and Love Hearts, Dip Dabs and Sherbet Fountains, our 60s retro sweet range will transport you back to days gone by, providing you with a taste of your childhood!

All of the products which feature in our 60s retro sweet range, including our hampers, are lovingly packed by hand by our team of hamper experts. Not only are they carefully packaged, each product is wrapped securely to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition at their final destination.

Plus, if you’re gifting a product from our 60s retro sweet range, don’t forget to make it personal with our personalisation service. Simply select the option when you add the item to your basket, type your message, and your note will be included on a 60s themed gift card which will be placed within the box. What a ‘groovy’ surprise for your loved one, friend, colleague, relative, or anyone else for that matter!

Our 60s retro sweet range is available in a range of sizes to suit any budget, so you’re bound to find the perfect taste of the sixties at the Awesome Hamper Company.

View our full collection of 60s retro sweet gifts below, or check out our other retro decade products.