Top Gifts for Your Dogs This Christmas

June 14, 2021

Gifts are not only meant for humans, friends and family but pets and dogs too! We know that in the UK and worldwide people have an affectionate bond with their furry little friends and that is why here at the Awesome Hamper Company we provide pet hampers for those special occasions. It could be their birthday, it could be Christmas, or it could just be that you fancy spending some money on your best friend.

Dog Bandana

Some of the best Christmas gifts for your pet could include toys, cute pet clothes, dog collars, small pet houses, or baskets. There are so many ideas and new things coming onto the market it can be hard to keep on top of. So we have listed a few of our favourite pet gifts below!

Fetch Interactive Ball Thrower For Dogs

A machine that throws balls is one of the best things for your dogs to play with. Now there are a few different versions of this so bare with us. You could grab one for your home, place it by the back door and watch your dog have hours of fun without you having to break a sweat! The idea is that your dog drops the ball into the top of the machine and the machine fires it out into the garden for your dog to fetch. These machines however, don’t come cheap and can cost over £100.

There are less ‘technical’ (and less expensive) versions of this available which you may have seen playing with over the local dog parks. You simply place the ball into the end of the plastic toy and it launches the ball much further than most people can throw! Again, hours of fun for your dog. 

Star Wars Stuffed Toys

These bad boys would make great Christmas gifts for your pet. If you are a star wars fan, this is perfect. As much as pets like dogs love to grab things between their mouth, the stuffed toys are very cute as well as fun to play with.

These have been pretty popular too and available in every pet toy store. Stuffed toys are simply adorable and could become your pet’s bedtime buddy too. They would be amazing Christmas gifts for them too. Again these are mainly for dogs but who knows maybe you have another animal that would enjoy this? We’ve got a number of stuffed toys available in our dog hampers.

Bully Sticks 

If you haven’t heard of bully sticks, you need to check them out. They could be perfect little treats for your pet this Christmas. These are 100% safe and digestible beef sticks that would make great yummy treats for a good boy. 

For puppies that can chew, they are suitable treats and they take a while to end so these will satisfy them too and keep them occupied for quite a while. These are great for the pet’s health as well although they might not be as cute as toys. 

Huge Dog Bed

Now we know we’re not exactly pushing the boundaries with this idea, and we know you all know what this is. But 99% of dogs need a new fluffy dog bed. So we thought we’d add this to the list and include a cute picture of a dog sitting on his new expensive, luxury dog bed. Please see below :)

Huge Dog Bed

Some other great ideas for Christmas pet gifts could be the OurPet IQ interactive treat ball that contains treats in a ball. This, too, is a great gift for your puppy. Other good gifts can be classic gourmet dog cookies. Cookies are fantastic for a holiday like Christmas and would be best for your puppy as they like treats and food to chomp on a lot. 

A classic Christmas bandana for your pet would also be a nice gift for the festive period! It’s the perfect piece of clothing to help make your dog instagram famous and look super cute. The little pieces of bandanas would look adorable around your pet's neck. With these gift ideas, you can make Christmas even more special for your lovely pet family.

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