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The low down on vegetarian sweets

March 23, 2021

The low down on vegetarian sweets

What makes a sweet vegetarian? Many people assume all sweets are vegetarian… after all, what animal products could possibly be in that lemon flavoured gummy bear, or brightly coloured jelly baby?    

It may be surprising to learn that this assumption is completely false – in fact many of our favourite sweet varieties contain animal derivatives such as gelatine and fat. In some cases, food colourings used in some sweets even contain pigments from beetles. Therefore, if you’ve recently turned vegetarian, or you have friends or family that are, it’s a good idea to do your research.   

So, what sweets are vegetarian?   

The growing trend towards eating less meat shows no sign of slowing down, with more and more people choosing to cut out meat products all together. As a result, a lot of our favourite sweet brands have taken the step to become vegetarian or vegan in recent years.  

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that sweets which are extra chewy or spongy in texture (such as gummies or marshmallows) are more likely to contain gelatine. So we always suggest checking the wrapper and taking a look at the ingredient list, or seeing if it has a vegetarian friendly logo on it.  

In this blog post we’ll outline some of the top sweets which are suitable for vegetarians, so they next time you grab some candy, you know what to look out for. Just because the sweets are vegetarian, doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on taste! 

All these sweets are available in most food retailers and supermarkets, so you shouldn’t struggle to find them. You can also find some of these sweets in our vegetarian sweet hampers and vegetarian sweet boxes.



This childhood classic, previously known as Opal Fruits, packs a chewy, juicy punch. The entire Starburst range is veggie friendly. 


Vegetarians can ‘taste the rainbow’ safe the in knowledge that Skittles contain no animal products or derivatives. 

Percy Pigs  

Once upon a time, this classic from M&S contained pork gelatine (quite ironic when you consider the brand’s character is a cartoon pig!). However in 2019, all Percy Pig products became 100% gelatine free! 


These teeny tiny, chewy spheres are approved by the Vegetarian Society and most of their flavours are vegetarian safe. 

Candy Kittens 

These gourmet sweets, launched by Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing in 2014 are not only delicious but completely vegetarian friendly. In fact, five of their flavours are vegan too! 

Sherbet Dib Dab 

This vintage classic is vegetarian through and through. With a history stretching back to 1940, it’s no surprise this retro sweet continues to be a favourite treat for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. 

Love Hearts 

Another classic which has been on the shelves of sweet shops since 1954, Love Hearts contain no animal products, making them veggie friendly.  

Flying Saucers 

The oldies are always the goodies, and flying saucers are no exception. These spheres of sherbet are 100% free of any animal products and make the perfect addition to any bag of pick and mix. 

Check out our range of vegetarian friendly sweet hampers, sweet gifts from the main menu above. We also offer a range of Vegan sweet hampers with carefully selected products included.

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