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How to Build your own Gift Box

May 16, 2021

How to Build your own Gift Box

Gift boxes are extremely popular, which is not surprising - this is both a stylish and practical solution for any event. Especially over the past 12 months whilst it’s been impossible to get into shops and everyone has been buying online. While there are a lot of ready-made boxes available from a number of different online shops, you can use your creativity and assemble the box yourself. Since it will be made specifically for the person you are gifting it too, you will be able to insert gifts that you know the recipient will love or enjoy.

Why a Gift Box?

With a hand made and packed gift box, you can be almost guaranteed that the recipient will be happy when they receive and open it. Do your friends love to play sports, eat delicious food, or do they just dream of a home spa day? All of these ideas can be woven into putting together your very own gift box!

Making a gift box with your own hands allows you to offer a unique gift that is made specifically for your friends’ needs. A gift box makes you think about all to the smallest details: pick up packaging, filler, postcard, box contents and much more. It can actually be rather a lot of fun.

But before starting, pick a theme for your gift box. By choosing a specific theme, it will be easier for you to decide on the contents of the box. More often than not a gift box is associated with a special occasion or event (for example, the birth of a child or a birthday), but it can also be chosen based on the personality or interests of the person (a box for a gardener or for a lover of cosmetics).

The Box

First of all, any gift-box box naturally starts with a suitable box. A good option is to purchase a box with a pattern that styles beautifully the event. You can go to any store and find several boxes to choose from. For example a Christmas box may be red, sparkly or have little images of snowmen or Santa Clause on. A birthday box may have balloons or some party decorations. Or maybe you’re buying for a female friend and a floral arrangement would look nice? You also need to make sure that the size of the box is right - you need to have an idea in mind as to what you are going to be putting in the box. You don’t want to buy a 2 inch x 2 inch box if you’re looking to put in a bottle of Champagne! Check out our chocolate gift boxes and you can see we have a few different sizes depending on what the contents it.

Paper Shavings

Making paper shavings for filling a box is very simple: you need to take a fairly thin colored paper and cut it into strips. Corrugated paper or craft paper is best, but not very thick. You can cut the strips by hand or using a shredder if you have one. Don't bother to make sure that all the strips are even - the curves look even better! You can buy paper shavings online if you really wanted too but by making your own you will keep the costs down.

Wrapping paper

Don’t forget that the gift box shouldn’t just contain thoughtful presents, but also should look good for when you hand deliver it. The design of the wrapping paper is the first thing that your friend will see. Are you presenting a gift box on a Christmas Eve? Take a red wrapping paper with Santa Claus or deer. Valentine’s day? Hearts and words about love will be just perfect. Or why not look to get creative and use some brown eco-friendly craft paper and decorate it yourself?

The present itself

So here we go, the most important part of making your very own gift box - what to put inside! This is the trickiest part for sure so make sure you have plenty of time and dont leave it until the last minute (like many do!). Make or buy all the required gift box items. These can be store-bought or DIY items or a combination of both. For example, if you're picking up an edible gift, you can fill the box with cheese, wine, and a tea towel. Think about the interests of the person, whom you will gift the box and start using your creativity. If you’re struggling for ideas initially take a scroll through their social media to see if you can pick up a few ideas - or ask one of their close friends? Maybe they’re recently really enjoying a band or singer so including some concert tickets or CD would go down a treat. Sometimes you need to think a little outside the box to make this gift box extra special.

To make the process a little faster for yourself, and just in case you did leave it until the last minute; here at The Awesome Hamper company we have a range of our very own gift boxes and gift hampers containing a huge range of wonderful gifts. From coffee hampers, tea, luxury and some even for specific occasions. Our luxury hampers are ideal for special birthdays, anniversaries or just if you really want to treat your friend or relative.

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