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How the humble hamper can be a corporate gift which makes a difference

March 28, 2021

How the humble hamper can be a corporate gift which makes a difference

83% of people remember brands if they've received a gift from them and 85% of businesses see corporate gifting as a strategic way to strengthen valuable relationships.

For this reason, businesses and organisations across the UK see sending a gesture of goodwill as a fantastic way of strengthening networks, building corporate relationships and highlighting how much you value another individual or business.

No matter how big or small, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in the corporate world, and is a proven method of securing growth between partners or showing staff members that you appreciate and value their hard work.

It's an important part of the corporate world, and with so many different types of gifts out there, it can be hard to find the perfect corporate gift.

What is a Corporate Gift?

Corporate Gift

A corporate gift is a token of appreciation or gesture of goodwill given by a company to employees, clients, or potential customers. This practice serves multiple purposes, including building and strengthening relationships and expressing gratitude for the contributions of staff members.

Corporate gifts can also serve as incentives or rewards for employees and colleagues within a business setting.

The Importance of Corporate Gift Giving

There are so many benefits to corporate gift giving and it can really help you to grow relationships and create a positive working environment.

By offering corporate gifts to potential clients or people that you may work with, it spreads awareness of your company and creates positive brand awareness - when people think of your business they are going to think of the positive things you have done and be more likely to work with you.

Gift your employees as a thank you throughout the year, and to reward them for good things they've done boost employee motivation and morale. If you show that you value your team, they are going to work harder and be more productive!

It's also a great way to increase client loyalty, if you send them corporate gifts for special occasions like Christmas or business anniversaries, it shows that you care and will increase loyalty over time.

Why Hamper Gifts Stand Out

As corporate gift giving options go, hampers are one of the most versatile options and the make a great gift. When it comes to corporate gifting, one of the most important things is getting a gift that people will appreciate and that reflects the relationship you have with them and also reflects the recipient's interests.

The versatile range of hampers available means that there really is something for every client or employee - and if you're looking for unique corporate gift ideas - anything can go into a hamper! Hampers are a great way to keep your gifts in line, so recipients know its from you, but also being able to customise each gift depending on the occasion.

With a hamper, you can also add a personalised note to say that thank you or congratulations and make it a super special gift.

Presented in an attractive way, a hamper is going to impress whoever the recipient is!

With this in mind, if you’re looking to send a gift to a client, supplier or partner, sending a hamper full of treats could be an ideal way of showing them how much your business values them. Whether you’re celebrating a business milestone, or simply want to send some festive cheer at Christmas, a corporate gift hamper is the ideal solution. I mean, who wouldn’t feel special if a huge hamper of goodies arrived on their desk in the office?!

Corporate Gift Ideas

Pamper Hamper

Pamper Hamper

If you're employee's have just broken a record for the busiest week, or have just been working incredibly hard. Why not treat them to a Pamper Hamper? It's a great way to thank them, and encourage them to relax and take sometime for themselves.

Our whole range of Pamper Hampers include everything that is needed to chill out, and we all know how hard staff work - so it's good to give them a gift that allows them to have some me time.

Sweet & Chocolate Hamper

Sweets, Sweets and more sweets - what more could you want?! There's no better way to say thank you than with a big hamper filled with sweets and chocolates and this is one of our most popular corporate gifts.

Filled with sweets that everyone loves, and with a wide range to choose from, these are the perfect gift - especially if the gift you are sending is for more than on person - this way the sweets can be shared and enjoyed in the office over time, and every time they go to grab a sweet treat to brighten up the afternoon, they are reminded of you - the company who sent them the sweet corporate gift.

Hot Drink Hamper

Coffee Hamper

Every coffee lovers dream is a hamper filled with delicious coffee and the perfect snacks to go alongside it. Our range of Coffee hampers, and other hot drink hampers are the perfect corporate treat and likely an appreciated gift for any hot drink lover!

Wine gift Hampers

Wine is often associated with sophistication and luxury, making a wine gift box a classy and elegant choice for corporate gifting. It conveys a sense of refinement and appreciation for the recipient.

Our Wine Hamper contains two deluxe bottles of wine paired with some of your luxury food snack favourites and it is the perfect corporate gift for any wine lover leaving a lasting impression!

The best corporate gifts are the ones that come as a surprise! Don't give anything away when it comes to ordering and sending a gift in the corporate gifting world.

Did you know that our corporate gift hampers can also be sent with a personalised gift card, with your company logo, and we can send to as many addresses in the UK as you need for orders over £200? Just drop us an email and get in touch with your logo and what message you'd like on your cards to add a personal touch. Once your order has been placed we will send over a design proof before sending.

At the Awesome Hamper Company, we’re experts when it comes to corporate gift hampers and have a wide selection to choose from. 


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