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History of American Sweets

May 03, 2021

History of American Sweets

Hershey’s, Snickers, Reese’s, sound familiar, don't they?

These American sweets are known world-wide. Every kid wants to taste peanut butter cups and caramel bars. But did you know how did they become so popular? If not, we are here to tell you.

Hershey's Bar

The favourite company of all Americans. Various chocolates and bars of

Hersheys chocolate bars

Hershey’s are being appreciated by every sweet-tooth. The founder, whose name is Milton Hershey bought German chocolate-making machinery in 1893. In 1894 he started to make caramelised Hershey chocolate, breakfast cocoa, sweet chocolate, and baking chocolate. Soon, he sold the caramel business and concentrated only on making chocolates, which gave a start to the biggest chocolate company. In 2003, all world knows about the famous Hershey’s company and people all around the world are buying the tastiest products of Milton Hershey.

Snickers Bar

The history of "Snickers" began in 1923, when a recipe for a chocolate bar was developed, but production began only in 1930. The classic composition of the bar remains unchanged: milk chocolate, caramel, nougat, and roasted peanuts. Candy sales continued to grow and Snickers became the main brand in the Mars, Inc product portfolio that founded it. Nowadays, Snickers is one of the most popular bars all around the world. Its caramel, nuts, nougat, and chocolate won’t leave anyone indifferent. We've included this in a number of our Chocolate Gift Hampers

Reese's Pieces

American Chocolate

Probably everyone has heard about chocolate cups with delicious peanut butter on the inside. Thanks to the man, whose name is Harry Burned Reese, they were made. In 1928, Reese began selling chocolate cups with peanut butter, which he simply called them peanut butter cups. An all time classic American Chocolate known and sold around the world!

Little did he know, that soon they would become so successful that Reese will be selling five-pound boxes of cups each day. In 1963 Hershey’s, where Harry used to work, bought his company for 23.5 million$.

And now, these little tasty cups are being sold world-wide, enjoyed by millions of people.

Jelly Beans

Soft, chewy, and colourful litte beans, which every kid likes are called Jelly Beans. In the early twentieth century, jelly beans became a popular American snack, though the first mentioning of these jellies was during The Civil War. Years ago, fans of the famous band Beatles mistakenly thought that they liked Jelly Beans, which helped these candies gain popularity. Jelly beans became President Ronald Reagan's favourite sweets, which gave them instant world-known popularity. Nowadays, all kids know what Jelly Beans are which makes them one of the most recognizable American sweets.

Gummi Bears

Fruity, jelly bears, which are sold not only in America are loved by millions of people. We can see these jelly bears seen in museums, galleries, and many more places. In 1920, Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany started to make colourful sweets for the kids. A few years later he comes up with a genius idea! He starts to produce soft, gelatine-based, fruit-flavoured sweet in the shape of bears. His name is known worldwide because you should have heard about famous Haribo bears. Now, these Gummi Bears are not only extremely popular in America, but all around the world.


In 1940, the son of the founder of Mars, Forrest Mars, invented the M&M's. The businessman patented his own recipe: chocolates covered with a layer of multi-coloured sugar glaze, which do not melt in the sun, do not stain hands and clothes. 

What is special about these sweets, is that popularity to them brought World War II, largely thanks to the cylinder-shaped packaging that American soldiers carried with them. With the end of the war, this format disappeared, replaced by rectangular bags that the brand uses to this day.

Most of these sweets you can find in the range of The Awesome Hamper companies hampers, gift boxes and bouquets!

Whether you want to taste chocolate, caramel or gelatine-based candy, we have everything to fulfil your needs!

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