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Happy Mother's Day Messages for Cards & Gifts

March 30, 2023

Finding the best Mothers Day messages for cards can sometimes be difficult - especially if you want to send a really special message to an incredible mother. On the one hand, you want to pour out your love for your mum and share how much she's impacted your life. On the other hand, though, you might prefer to show your love with a gift - something sweet and meaningful can say a thousand words with very little effort to your amazing mum.

Mother's Day Hampers - Perfect Personalisation

We would always suggest that people consider buying hampers for a happy Mother's Day - they're a superb gift and a great way of showing that she does a wonderful job! Not only can they be totally customised for your mum's likes and dislikes, but you can include the ideal string of words to make her tear up on that Sunday morning and create a very special Mother's Day.

We offer the ability to put heartfelt Mother's Day messages on the small card that's packed with the hamper your mother will receive for Mother's Day. This means that you can share a totally personal message with her, whether it's a heartfelt memory or a silly in-joke from when you were young. You can have so much fun with whatever message you decide to include for your wonder woman who is such as inspiration and such a supportive mother.

Hampers are a wonderful gift to help create a wonderful Mother's Day, and being able to make sure that gift is as honest and heartfelt as possible is integral to a very happy Mother's D. You can share your happy Mother's Day messages with us during the checkout process, and we'll be sure to include it, word for word, on the card that we put into your basket.

Some of the hampers that are often purchased for Mother's Day are food and drink hampers. These can be a great option for any occasion, but they are especially good for a happy Mother's Day, and are a fabulous way of showing such an important person how much you love them. Whether your mother figure is your mother in law, nan, auntie or even a friend. Its important to shower the amazing woman in your life with all the love.

This might sound a little over-the-top, but it's entirely true. A well-stocked basket should always contain a few things that won't be eaten right away, and will instead be placed to one side in the kitchen. Then, at a later date, your mother might be cooking and happen across those items, leading to an additional ingredient in dinner that night that makes the whole meal a more exciting affair. The gift you give stretches across two events - when your mother is reminded of the excellent gift you gave her, as well as the sweet happy Mother's Day message.

We would always encourage people considering hampers to buy hampers from a reputable source - they'll contain a number of small touches to ensure the hamper creates a great Mother's Day!

A great example of this is, of course, the totally custom note that we will include in every hamper that we make in order to create the best gift. It will ensure that beyond simply saying 'happy Mother's Day mum', your hamper celebrates the season with a little more of a personal touch.

Furthermore, the packaging and wrapping of your hamper is often best left to a professional. This can be a great touch for someone's very first Mother's Day, as the house is often (at that stage) in something of a mess. That's totally normal, of course, and a hamper constructed to look beautiful and elegant can bring an awful lot of happiness.

Finally, we want to mention the fact that a professionally made hamper contains a number of combinations of different items, expertly chosen to be sure that the hamper will be as good as possible. This enables a truly wonderful hamper to introduce the recipient to all sorts of new things that they haven't tried before!

Mother's Day Messages for Cards

Happy Mother's Day messages can go far beyond a simple message saying 'happy Mother's Day'. Instead, they can say a wide variety of different things to show the love and care in the bond that you and your mother share.

Something that we would always recommend for a Mothers Day card is to include a personal memory. The reason that this is a great idea is that it allows you to show the unique nature of the relationship that you have with your mother. It's a unique thing for the both of you - you feel differently about one another than either of you likely feel for anyone else in your life.

Try to think of a memory from a previous Mother's Day - that is a time that will evoke wonderful memories for both yourself and your mother, allowing you both something sweet to reminisce over when you give the gift over to your mother.

Gifts for the Mother-in-law

When you're purchasing things for your Mother-in-law, it can be a little trickier than you might otherwise expect. The main reason for that is that you and your mother-in-law are quite likely not to have much in common - people tend to pick spouses based on the opposite of what their childhood was like, so you might literally be the opposite of your mother-in-law.

However, there is one key thing that you both have in common - love for one person in particular. Your spouse, and their child, are someone that's fundamentally important to you both, and you can bond over that. It's something of an old joke that spouses and in-laws can bond by making fun of the person they have in common, why not invert that and praise the person that you both love?

Share a happy Mother's Day message that shows your love for your spouse, and your thankfulness to your in-laws for bringing your spouse into the world. It's a simple message, but one that will hit home in the vast majority of people. You could also use this formula to share a happy Mother's Day Grandma message, since everyone involved will, naturally, adore the little ones in the family.

What Should I Write on my Mother's Day Card?

Just above this section, we wrote about the importance of sharing a memory on a Mother's Day card. This is entirely true, though there are other things that you might choose to share than Mother's Day wishes.

A great example could be an in-joke. This might sound a little like a strange move, but there are plenty of children and mothers that share a joke others in the family aren't in on. For example, you might share a love of a certain movie, and you could share a short joke about your favourite character in the card, giving your mother a display of how your message was totally created for her, and for no one else.

Mother's Day Wishes for a Partner

When your children are especially young, they won't be able to run out to a store and grab a card and a gift for their mother. Therefore, naturally, you might want to share some happy Mother's Day messages with your spouse, so that they can feel loved and appreciated on mothers day.

To share Mother's Day wishes with your partner, try to spot a few things that they do for the little one that you don't do. This could be something very small, such as buttoning up pyjamas starting at the top of the button chain rather than the bottom. It could be something quite substantially larger, such as always taking nighttime feeding responsibilities, and letting you get some rest.

Sharing a more specific thanks with your spouse will allow you to easily show that you're looking at what they do and that you appreciate what they do even though the little one might not have the language skills to share their appreciation. At the end of the day, your spouse is likely your best friend, too. Share something that you've noticed them doing and write in a Mother's Day card how impressed you've been - flattery can be a wonderful thing!

If the child is a little older, then it might be sweet to make a Mother's Day card with them - the card can be a little rustic and rough around the edges because it's full of love from both you and your child. Bust out the glitter and glue, and go for it - there are no wrong answers!

What is the Best Thing to say on Mother's Day?

When wishing someone a happy Mother's Day, there's little more that you can really say than happy Mother's Day itself. However, we always think of a specific tip for this predicament - bury the lead!

This might sound a little silly, but it really works. Instead of wishing someone a happy Mothers Day, and then telling them that you hope they enjoy the sweater you got them, reverse the order of things. Write that you saw the sweater and knew that they would love it - perhaps include a few details from the gift so that you tie the gift and card together well. Then, wish them a happy Mother's Day, and your card is perfect!

Crafting a Message for a Mum-to-Be

Pregnancy can be a very overwhelming time - there are a lot of things to be excited about, concerned about, and to learn about. If a mum-to-be is celebrating Mother's Day, then a great way to help them with that is to be as supportive and rock-steady as possible.

Assure them that, for their first Mother's Day and all the days they'll have in the future, they'll make such a wonderful mother. Wish them a truly amazing Mother's Day, and share the things that you think will make them a wonderful mother. Whether they're your partner, best-friend, or even something a little more distant, it never hurts to be a little flattering.

 We hope that this article has shared some great insight with you on how to wish a happy Mother's Day to anyone out there that might want to hear it! A hamper is always a great choice for mother's day, and a wide variety of other holidays since the hamper can contain so many things, as well as a totally personalised note sharing your happy mother's day wishes.

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