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Buying gifts for Mums - the best guide to Mothers Day

April 13, 2022

Buying gifts for Mums - the best guide to Mothers Day

Mother’s day

It’s that time of the year again, where you celebrate the Mother in your life.

Hang on, I can hear you say, I thought Mother’s Day was in May? In the USA, that is the case. Their Mother’s Day always occurs on the Sunday closest to May 10th. 

However, in the UK, Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday in Lent. It wasn’t even a day to celebrate mothers. It was part of the Christian festival in the Middle Ages to go back to your ‘mother church’. This celebration allowed children who were sent away to work to come back home and see their families. Over time, as it allowed families to be reunited, children used to stop and pick flowers from the side of the road to give to their Mum.

Nowadays, we can do much better than giving a flower from the side of the road to our loved one. Let’s see below for some brilliant ideas to show our Mother’s how much we care this Mother’s Day.

Favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas

The usual Mother’s Day gifts usually include the likes of perfume, chocolate, wine, afternoon Tea in their a fancy restaurant or if you're forgetful, the old favourite, the next day delivery bunch of fresh flowers from the nearby florist.

Those are great gifts, and with the wide range of choices available  you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed about what to get her. Everyone is at some some point. Don’t despair though, if you want a gift that she will remember forever and make you the most thoughtful childe ever, check out the inspiration below. 

What to buy for Mother’s Day

  1. For the mum who always has her head in a book

You can now buy a book subscription box, where every month she can have a surprise selection of books (usually with with other little treats too). Companies such as Teatime Book shop, Mr B’s Emporium, and a box of stories all offer subscription services

If she’s run out of space for her massive collection of books, perhaps a kindle could be the perfect Mother’s Day present.


  1. The Moms obsesses over their pets

Does your Mum treat her cat/dog like another child? A gift for her favourite pet would be the perfect idea. A new dog or cat collar could be just what she wants!


  1. The Mum who needs to relax

Mother’s work extremely hard, year round. What better to treat a busy mum with a gift that could help them relax and improve their mental health if feeling stressed. Candles and bath bombs or even a luxurious weighted blanket.


  1. Moms with a green thumb

Many Mum’s like to spend any spare time from the kids hiding away in the garden. Potting plants and weeding. Mother’s Day would be the perfect occasion to treat your Mom to beautifully engraved plant pots or garden ornaments for their ideal garden.


  1. The super houseproud moms

Mother’s love making sure their house looks great. Either by making sure it is super tidy or by ensuring it contains the most amazing products. These Moms would love ornaments, wax melts or diffusers that release fragrance smells that are divine or plush cushions that would look fantastic on her sofa.

Check out our range of Mothers Day Hampers which include all sorts of organic and natural candles and diffusers!

  1. The mum who loves to drink! Tea or Gin that is!

Mums who adore a cheeky drink of tea in the afternoon or an evening tipple of gin would love the idea of a subscription of their favourite drink. A tea subscription box can come in all shapes and sizes offering the chance to taste a variety of unique teas. Morning tea, fruity tea the list is endless. Don’t fancy getting them a never ending supply of tea? A personalised mug could be more their cup of tea.

Check out our jumbo pink gin hamper!

Jumbo Pink Gin Hamper

After a hard day looking after the kids or at work, sometimes a mum just wants to unwind with a large class of gin. Similar to tea Gin subscriptions are taking the world by storm. Many include tonics and delicious snack to accompany each gin. Gin gift sets are also going to go down a storm!


A Mother’s day gift she’ll love

However, sometimes it is extra difficult to buy mother’s day gifts for a mother who has everything. They may already have the ideas suggested or they may not be that sort of mom.

Imagine if you could get a present with all your mum’s favourite treats in or with a range of products to spoil her rotten. She would be thrilled, her face would be full of joy; that you truly thought about her and what she enjoys. 

What is this dream present? 

A carefully curated, beautiful gift hamper or a gift box from places such as the Awesome Hamper Company.


Mother’s Day Hamper

A Mother’s Day Hamper can be made by you, where you can select all the gifts you know she loves. Or, you can select a specially created hamper. You can have hampers filled with her favourite afternoon snacks, such a delicious chocolates, exquisite biscuits, different types of tasty teas and coffee. They can be full of evening delights such as wine, prosecco, yummy sweet treats.

Your mom, may be one of those cool moms who love nothing more than pampering themselves. Again these hampers can contain delicious snacks but also luxury beauty products to help her achieve healthy skin, such as skin creams, body washes and body products such as bamboo loofers for the ultimate beauty treat. They may contain bath bombs to relax her body in a late evening bath, a bottle of wine or or a bottle of prosecco so she can enjoy a glass or two in her bath. Hampers and gift boxes could also contain heavenly smelling candles she’ll love to use to help relax at night in bed or during her favourite warming bath.

(picture of a mother’s day hamper)


Gift hampers usually have luxurious products placed in a gorgeous wicker basket that can be reused again and again. They also look stunning in the house for storing different objects. Which is handy as most moms hate waste! Gift boxes are elegantly wrapped to ensure all the products inside are fully protected.

Make her gift one of a kind

If you create you own hamper or decide on buying a carefully curated one, ensure it is one of a kind by making it personalized. Personalizing your own is easy by buying or creating your own handmade Mother’s Day card. 

The Awesome Hamper Company, is able to make any of their hampers fully personalized for you. You can choose a gift card to be included in your hamper with a personalized note from you written in it.  

It would be the perfect finishing touch to any gift you get her. A special personalized note or personalized card will also show the appreciation you have for everything your mom or care giver has done for you, it would mean the world to them.

 Happy Mothers Day Cake

Make this Mother’s Day truly special

The search for and then buying the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be difficult. It can give you a major headache. Some moms have all the stuff they could ever need or they could be the type of mum that is just happy to spend time with her friends and family on this day. 

You are the person that, wants to put in that extra effort and show her how important she is to you. You don’t want to get one of the usual gifts. You want to get her something special, something that will surprise her and something she’ll really appreciate. She’s a lucky lady.

Get her a gift, that really represents her. Whether she’s a book worm, loves to garden or needs to relax.

Get her a gift that she will really love with a wide range of different products and treats for her to try and to enjoy. The perfect idea, which is less time consuming for you and the perfect surprise for you mom is a specially created gift hamper.

Gift hampers from the Awesome Hamper Company will make you the envy of all your friends and other siblings as your mum will love it so much.

So lets’s show the appreciation we have for all those amazing women in our lives that lovingly cared for us as we grew up. Whether they be your Mum, Ma, Mam, Mom, Grandma, Auntie or Step Mother, they all deserve a special little treat this Mothering Sunday.


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