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Beer Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Beer Lover!

January 24, 2023

Beer Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Beer Lover!

Beer is one of the most wonderful drinks out there in the world. Not only is it brightly flavoured and delicately carbonated to ensure a tasty treat, but it's got the added bonus of a long, complex, and rich history that makes for a fascinating world of knowledge.

In this article, we're going to talk about a few great beer gifts that might be ideal for the beer lover in your family. Without further ado, let's talk about beer!

Beer Gift

Beer Gifts

Beer gifts are a simple thing, in most cases - you might choose to get your loved one a case of beer, or even a small six-pack, which might work well among other gift sets. Something that you must always bear in mind is the specific preferences of your loved one - as a beer drinker, they'll likely have a favourite!

If they do have a favourite beer, then it's very likely you'd want to proffer beer gifts revolving around that beer in particular. In that case, you might be best served by not actually getting them beers!

Instead, a beer gift that features their favourite brand might be an excellent choice. Perhaps some form of brand sponsorship-style item, like a glass or bottle opener featuring the brand that they prefer - a logo can go a long way!

Beer Gift

Beer Lovers

Beer lovers are many out there in the world, and we're sure that every single one would love beer gifts for any occasion. The best beer gifts are typically ones that are selected, as with any gift, with the recipient in mind.

To that end, we would suggest that you consider the kitchen, bar, or other beer storage option that your loved one currently has. A great choice would be to try to supplement or upgrade that in any way that you can, as it will allow you to present an addition they'll be considering for quite a long time.

Beer Gift

For instance, you don't actually have to buy them beers for a home bar. You could get something that might boost their bar, from something pricey like a small fridge to something smaller like a kit to assemble a new shelf on which they could display their favoured beer paraphernalia.

Craft Beer

Craft beer is one of the most exceptional things that you can put in a pint glass. From the modern trends of differently flavoured IPAs and stouts to more complex and old-school options like traditionally brewed Scottish heavy beer, there is truly a wide range of wonderful options available out there. With that in mind, take a look online to find some great craft breweries.

Craft Beer

The general definition of a craft beer can vary a little since the only real definition is that it has to come from a craft brewery. Typically, though, a brewer that produces craft beer is one that makes the beer in a traditional, non-mechanised way.

This means that there are a lot of flavour and texture options available when brewing craft beer that is not typically available in the world of commercial beer. A great example is a craft beer that has an intense sediment - fruited sours are often brewed and canned with a level of sediment in the base of the can.

Craft Beer Selection

While you're not quite supposed to drink that sediment, you're typically encouraged to invert the can a few times to ensure that the sediment is well mixed into the beer.

Craft beers can also be wholly beneficial for the brewer. The reason for this is that breweries can make a few interesting choices, from smaller ones like serving a warm beer to larger ones, like mixing unique and bizarre combinations of herbs and hops in each batch. Our range of craft beer hampers make for the perfect gift!

What is a good gift for someone who likes beer?

There is a wide range of gifts for people that like beer which would be utterly wonderful to receive. With that said, there are always a few things that come to mind.

The first that we typically think of as a simple gift is beer glasses that are enhanced, personalised, or otherwise altered in order to make them especially desirable to the recipient. A beer drinker that you're buying for might have a favourite movie or TV show, which could be personalised onto a glass. You could etch their name, their favourite football team, or anything else that you can think of onto a pint glass for your loved one.

Beer Gift

What to buy a man who likes beer?

When you're buying a gift for a man that likes beer, you might find yourself out of ideas quite quickly. After you've got past the ideal gift for the beer lover - some beer - you might be struggling. That's totally understandable, it can be a tricky thing to consider.

A great option could be to explore a combination between beer and another hobby or interest. For instance, if your beer lover has a sweet tooth, then they might enjoy some kind of gift card to a place selling boozy cakes and cookies.

If the beer lovers in your family have a shared love, then that's something you can certainly aim to benefit from. For instance, if several siblings adore craft beer, then you could buy them a tour of their favorite brewery. While it's a simple choice, it's one they're sure to appreciate.

What do you put in a beer hamper?

The best beer gifts for a beer hamper can be a little hard to consider, especially once you get beyond the obvious choice - beer.

That first choice is a great option for anyone. We would advise you to pack beers into a beer hamper if you can, both from commercial and craft breweries. One of the best things about hampers is that they can be complex and packed with a number of different choices that can work wonders. To that end, many different types of beer can bring different kinds of wonders.

After you've added plenty of beer, beer glasses are a great choice. You can select a wide variety of different options, all of which will be wonderfully simple and satisfying. Personally, we adore beer glasses with a level of nerd culture to them - it's quite easy to find beer glasses designed to appear like bottles from an apothecary or something similar. Even the snobbiest of beer snobs wouldn't turn their nose up at a cold one served in an interesting and pretty glass.

Beer Gift

Is beer a good Christmas gift?

We definitely think that beer is a great Christmas gift! Christmas is, for so many, the season of overindulging a little in all the things that you adore. This means that many people have a tendency to crack open one too many and feel all the better for doing so. Therefore, why not offer a loved one a little extra beer to celebrate the season?

Over the cold Christmas period, we would suggest opting for stout, porter, and other warm beers. These are beers that are brewed at room temperature, and so are typically designed to be served at that temperature too. This might sound a little odd, depending upon your personal tastes, but we believe it's one of the tastiest ways to enjoy a warming brew over the Christmas period.

Beer Gift

You can typically track down uncommon goods over Christmas, in terms of dark beer - there are often porters and stouts flavoured to resemble all sorts of Christmas treats, from gingerbread to Christmas pudding.

Beer subscriptions

Beer subscriptions can be a great way to ensure your loved one gets the perfect gift for a year-long stretch of beers. While it might sound a little unconventional to get someone a delayed action gift, you could pair it with another option. For example, you could buy someone pint glasses as a gift at one time, and then the following subscription will ensure that they've always got a drink or two to pour into them.

As far as a beer gift goes, a subscription seems like it would be the most effective. To constantly buy someone a pint or two seems like a great way to offer them a wide range of excellent beers that they'll genuinely enjoy.

Engraved beer glass

An engraved beer glass makes for a great beer gift because it's one that you can add any number of beers to in order to bring yourself a wide range of taste sensations.

An engraved beer glass could be a great centrepiece to a gift basket - beers surrounding the glass could easily be used to pour into the glass itself, and some kind of beer game, like the one offered by Uncommon Goods. Their game, and many others, involve small games that can be done with a brew in your hand, such as a rhyming competition or a short quiz that you might enjoy. As the beers keep flowing, people will only find things funnier and more enticing over time. What's not to love?

Beer making kit

Beer Gift

A beer-making kit is a great beer gift. Not only is it a beer gift that makes for a complex, engaging initial unpacking process, but it's also a beer gift that will keep on giving. If you give beer lovers the skeleton of a beer-making kit that they can use, then they'll be able to brew bottles upon bottles of wonderful beer all year long.

Plus, from a slightly more selfish point of view, you might get a bottle or two coming back your way if they start handing out a beer gift of their own.

Beer snacks

Beers are utterly wonderful - that much we know. However, one of the frustrating things that you might find with beers is that they tend to make you a little peckish. Why else would bars have little bowls of nuts and other snacks ready for the public to grab?

Since beers are so bright and refreshing, in most cases, you can opt for snacks that are the opposite of that. Dark, rich, salty pretzels and nuts are great options. Personally, we love to enjoy a few beers alongside some kind of spicy snack. Spicy crisps, crackers, or a similar option can all offer a potent kick sure to boost beers that you're easily knocking back.

This craft beer and snacks hamper is the perfect example!

Personalised bottle opener

A bottle opener is an ideal accompaniment to a set of beers. The bottle is a wonderful way to enjoy a cold drink but conveying the liquid to a glass always requires a bottle opener. It's a well-known thing that the people around the world that are often most adored at a party are those with a bottle opener. After all, they can open the beers!

Pair the opener with a few cold beers, and you've got a drink that can be shared, either out of a simple glass or from the bottle. Either way, beers shared are beers enjoyed twice as much!

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