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What to Get Your Boyfriend For Valentines Day

January 13, 2023

What to Get Your Boyfriend For Valentines Day

Valentine's day is fast approaching! To help wives, girlfriends, and partners, we’ve found the best Valentine’s day gifts. He’ll love these lovely gift ideas!

Whether you’re looking for romantic gifts to celebrate your anniversary, it’s your first Valentine’s day, or you’re specifically looking for a cheap gift, we’ve got you covered!

This is what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day! 

Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are a lovely present. They are filled with special treats, snacks, and gifts. At Awesome Hamper Co, we have gift hampers for every occasion.

Our favourite hampers for Valentine's Day are the “Awesome Coffee & Tea Gift Set” and the “Coffee & Chocolate Gift Hamper.” A hamper is the perfect Valentine's gifts. 

Gift Hamper

Box of Chocolate

Sometimes the perfect gift is a simple gift. Why not get your husband or boyfriend a delicious box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day?!

This is a great choice if your partner isn’t super keen on Valentines gifts, but you still want to treat them!

Box of chocolates


Coffee is a great gift for your caffeine-addict boyfriend! Shop our range of bespoke coffee in our coffee hampers and coffee gift sets.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts to show your partner you care. prices range from as little as £20 into the hundreds depending on how much of a coffee fanatic your partner is!

Coffee beans

Tea Leaves

If your husband isn’t a coffee drinker, why not buy him some tea leaves? We have a collection of beautiful tea leaves in our gift hampers.

This is a cute and affordable gift for your loved one. 

Delicious Snacks

Snacks always go down a treat. Find your boyfriend's favourite sweet and savoury snacks and fill a hamper with them.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, purchase a premade gift hamper on our website today!


Whiskey is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Spend some quality time with your boyfriend while you share a spot of high-quality whiskey.

Any guy is guaranteed to love this romantic gift idea!



A bottle of wine is the secret of great gift giving! Bonus points if you find a bottle that they haven’t tried yet!

Save the bottle of wine for special occasions or enjoy it over a nice home cooked way. Either way, this is a non cheesy, thoughtful, and cute Valentine’s gift! 


Our gift hampers are stocked with tasty caramel fudge. Why not treat your boyfriend to tons of delightful fudge! 

Handmade Biscuits

Surprise your boyfriend this Valentine’s day with some handmade biscuits. Make a batch yourself, or


Socks are a quintessential, cheap, and cheerful Valentine's gift! Your boyfriend will think of you whenever he puts on a pair of gorgeous, cosy socks.

We recommend finding a pair that matches his style!

Stylish socks


Sweets always make someone’s day better. And, they're great, affordable Valentine’s gifts. 


Give the gift of education and self-development this Valentines day! Purchase a book that will enlighten or entertain your boyfriend.

Just remember to read the reviews first! 

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife always comes in handy! In a matter of weeks, your boyfriend will have used his new pocket knife hundreds of times!

You can’t go wrong with this practical and useful gift! 

Pocket Knife

Weekend Trips Away

Long distance couples or a new relationship will love this idea! Find a cute bed and breakfast in the countryside and plan a wholesome weekend away.

If your boyfriend’s love language is quality time, he’ll adore this thoughtful and meaningful surprise. This is your sign to go on holiday in the near future, don’t wait a moment longer!

You can even invite your friends and make it a double-date! These, are of course, slightly more expensive than a valentines hamper!

Wooden Docking Station

A wooden docking station is one of those uncommon goods that make the perfect gift. A wooden docking station holds all your tech gadgets.

Find a brand that makes the real thing from scratch. You can still play on  your phone while it’s in the docking station, but it makes your life a little more organised.

They also won’t cost a whole lot of cash. Those are all the reasons to buy one this Valentine’s Day!

Love Note

Write a love note to your better half this Valentine’s Day! You could write a poem, imusti letters, or just express your true feelings.

Whatever it is, your partner will love this heartfelt gift. 


Watches are mistakenly considered uber expensive. You can actually find a great second-hand watch or purchase one on sale.

Or, you can treat your partner to a fancy one with lots of bling. Watches are a lovely, meaningful gift. You’ll be remembered whenever he glances down at his wrist! 

Date Night

Think of a special event or activity you can do with your partner, book everything, and give it to him for Valentine’s Day.

You can do whatever you want on date night! Stay in and watch Star Wars, go out to a fancy dinner, try out ice skating, the options are endless! 

Board Game

Find a fun, new board game to add to your collection. Spend Valentine’s Day together, playing games, and enjoying each other's company. 

Funny Card 

Make a funny card at home and write a personalised message inside. Don’t forget to include an inside joke as well! 

Massage Gun

Is your boyfriend a gym junkie that always complains about sore muscles? A massage gun will sort this out right as rain! 

Six Pack

Cheap and cheerful. A six pack will be adored by your boyfriend! 


Notebooks are a fantastic gift for boyfriend’s who love making lists! You can't go wrong with a notebook.

Garden Spade

Every avid garden needs a cute garden spade! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Valentine’s gift ideas. Your relationship will never be better after treating your boyfriend to some of these lovely gifts.

Let us know what your favourite ideas were and how your Valentine’s Day goes this year! 

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