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How to wrap a gift

May 05, 2022

How to wrap a gift

Whether you’re wrapping a Christmas gift, a birthday present or a just because token of appreciation, there is something extra magical about a present that comes beautifully wrapped. This guide is all about how to wrap a gift.

Whether you opt for wrapping paper, gift hampers, a gift bag or even a fabric covering and accessorise with bows or ribbons, there are hundreds of styles and ways to wrap a gift so that it spreads joy to the recipient before they even open it.

For children, a brightly coloured gift can allow their imagination to run wild, conjuring up exciting images of what could lie beneath the wrapped paper. For adults, a well wrapped gift taps into that childhood imagination and excitement, particularly during the festive season. The impact of a beautifully wrapped gift shouldn’t be ignored.

When it comes to wrapping, practice really does make perfect and after a few attempts you’ll have your presents wrapped like a pro, creating masterpieces with everything from easy-to-wrap boxes through to a cylinder shaped gift. With our tips, you'll love to wrap gifts in no time and it will be a part of the holiday season that you love.

The first thing to consider when wrapping a gift is what type of wrapping you’re going to go for. Depending on the present, you may opt for the traditional wrapping paper, a well-presented hamper, or a trusty gift bag...The opportunities are endless!

Wrapping Paper


Colourful wrapping paper on your gifts
[1], having a devastating impact on the environment.


Nowadays, you can find plenty of recyclable wrapping papers with everything from Christmas prints, florals and polka dots through to your little one’s favourite cartoon character. For a perfect gift wrap you'll need paper, gift tags, scissors, double sided tape and of course your fingers!

Our top tip for wrapping gifts in paper is to make the job as easy as you can for yourself and to always make sure you have enough wrapping paper, there is nothing worse than realising you're slightly short. Before beginning to wrap presents, make sure to measure the amount of paper you will need by covering the present from one end to the other end.

If your gift is shaped unusually, wherever possible pop this into a cardboard box so that you have a flat surface and edges and wrap from there. The box is much easier to wrap as you can create sharp lines and neatly fold the corners to create a smooth seam. Make sure to apply double sided tape in order to secure the paper and create a seamless finish. Avoid using too much tape as this can cause a messy finish. Top the gift off with some curled ribbon or a beautiful bow to create a gift that is guaranteed to ignite excitement.

If you really want to get creative, you could even make your own wrapping paper. First of all, purchase some recyclable brown paper and some paint in the colour of your choice. Lay the paper on a table and attach with some tape to avoid it moving whilst creating your masterpiece. Once attached, you're free to decorate however you like. From Christmas trees to birthday cakes, let your personality shine through on the paper. This option is a thoughtful and personalised way to wrap a gift and is a perfect way to let your children get involved and wrap relative's gifts with the sentimental paper.

Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

To add a touch of luxury to your gift, use a wicker hamper that doubles up as an extra gift for the recipient. You can also add tissue paper or shredded cupboard as an environmentally friendly option as a layer to the bottom of the hamper.

Unlike some alternatives, a hamper provides a gift wrapping option with minimal waste, or fuss. All you need to do is lay your gifts in a way that they can all be seen, we recommend placing larger gifts at the back and smaller ones at the front. Once the presents are in position, you simply wrap the hamper in compostable cellophane and add the finishing touch with a bow and tie the top in a double knot with some curled ribbon.

A hamper certainly our favourite way to wrap a gift. If you're unsure on what to fill your hamper with, or would like us to create something amazing, why not check out our range of luxury hampers. With the remaining time you've saved wrapping, you can enjoy more quality time with your friend or family member.

Fabric Wrapping

Another great gift wrap solution is to use fabric wrapping paper as an alternative way to wrap a present. Fabric provides a perfect way to package a present perfectly without the need for paper scissors or tape.

With so many beautiful fabrics available, you can perfectly wrap a gift to suit the style of your recipient. They can also repurpose the fabric for a craft project, picnic blanket, tea towel, to cover a table or to repurpose as gift wrap for somebody else.

Fabric is a quick, way to beautifully cover a gift and finishing touches can easily be added in the form of a bow or ribbon to attach the material in place. Make sure when using fabric, you pull the edges tight on each opposite edge to create a seamless finish.

Gift Bags
Gift Bags

This option is another great one for those unusual shape gifts and requires minimal fuss or effort. You don't have to trim, pull, fold, measure, tie, secure, cut paper or even tape anything. All you have to do is choose a fun gift bag that is large enough to package the gift and one that suits the recipient's personality. To add some excitement to this gift wrap, add some tissue paper as gift wrapping within the bag.


With so many different wrapping options, it can be be hard to know how to wrap a gift. Our top tip is to consider the recipient and their personality type.

If you're still struggling to wrap a present, you can watch a video with a step by step guide. You can find lots of easy to follow gift wrapping videos on YouTube with a quick 'How to wrap a gift' search.

We can't wait to see your gift wrapping, make sure to send us a picture on our socials [insert links]


[1] https://earthfirst.org.uk/the-waste-of-wrapping-paper-and-what-can-be-done-about-it/


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