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What makes a good Christmas hamper?

January 20, 2022

What makes a good Christmas hamper?

The perfect Christmas gift

It is nearing the end of November and Christmas is quickly approaching. Who are you buying presents for? How much should you spend? Then the thought strikes you of those people in your family or friends who are really difficult to buy for. Panic starts to set in. There is less than one month until the big day and you don’t have a clue. 

Don’t worry though, we can help. A hamper is the perfect gift for anyone, even those who are really difficult to buy for. Christmas hampers can be filled with a wide range of goodies such as ranges of different gin to try, to someone's favourite type of chocolate. They can be filled with anything you desire. Many people create their own Christmas hampers or many places sell numerous different hampers to suit everyone's needs and price ranges.

To help you pick the ideal gift we have looked at what makes a good Christmas hamper. 

What makes a good Christmas gift hamper?

  • Make it personal

To make or choose a hamper, you need an idea of what goodies the recipient of the gift hamper would love. Are they a cheese connoisseur? Do they love alcohol? Are they a fan of all the sweet treats such as chocolate, sweets or biscuits? Or  do they love the idea of afternoon tea so selections of teas and pastries? 

You can even include non food items - mugs, socks, scented candles, anything that you think that they would love in a hamper.

Hampers, as well as being personalised with the name of the person receiving the gift and being full of their favourite foods or small presents can also be further personalised by making sure any hamper is suitable for any allergies that person may have. You can make or buy hampers that are gluten free for instance.

Another lovely hamper idea  would be to fill a hamper with homemade gifts for a lucky recipient. This type of hamper really gives it a personal touch and ensures the recipient knows you truly thought about and put the effort into their present this year. The best Christmas hampers are personalised for the recipient.


  • Range of products

You have to think carefully about the range of products that will be in the Christmas hamper.  If you are creating a hamper for the chocolate lover in your life, how many different chocolates would you include? Or would it just be a hamper of all their favourite chocolate like Reeces? 

Will the Christmas hamper just be focussed  aspects of the festive season such as christmas morning, christmas eve, or boxing day. So, a christmas food hamper would contain different varieties of christmas cake, tasty christmas chocolates, delicious christmas biscuits and of course mince pies. You can have Christmas hampers dedicated to Christmas morning so they can contain bucks fizz, and numerous foods like salmon and bacon to make the best christmas breakfast.


  • Decoration

Once you have gifts for the hamper, you need to decorate your hamper. This can be a lot of fun! When people think of hampers, they usually think of them in a wicker basket. If, like many people, you have no idea what a wicker basket is, think of vintage picnic baskets. They can either be open or they can have a lid. 

Some people dislike the wicker baskets and prefer to have their hamper container as something more useful that the gift recipient can use, such as a gift box or a casket. The choice is yours!

Next, you need to fill the container with something soft, to put your gifts on. This can be shredded paper, cotton wool or colourful shredded tissue paper. These can easily be bought from any craft shop. For a Christmas hamper, picking paper in a christmas style colour would fit the theme.

Holly, pine cones, Christmas tree, tinsel

You can then add any other decoration you want to brighten up your hamper. Ribbons can be tied around the outside or on any handles. Bits of real holly, pine cones, sprigs of christmas tree, little bells, tinsel go as wild as you want or as minimalistic. A good Christmas hamper will have lovely Christmas style decorations.

If the hamper is filled with non food items too, wrap those gifts up. Imagine the lucky recipient's face when they have all those little gifts to open.




Luxury Christmas hamper ideas

When most people in the UK start to think of a luxury Christmas hamper, they start to think of the Harrods or Fortnum and Mason Christmas hampers. Then they start to think about the price tag associated with them. Don’t panic! You can still buy or create a luxury hamper, but with a more reasonable price range.

Luxury, for many people, means products they don’t treat themselves to often or when they do it is a treat. 

Examples of what could make a good  luxury Christmas hamper idea, include luxury wine hampers with wine glasses. You can have fancy tea hampers, with a range of different leaf teas, strainers and sets of teapots and teacups so the recipient can have a lavish tea time.

Many luxury Christmas hamper gifts contain more products than usual. They would be filled to the brim with edible items to celebrate all things christmas, all the cheese, varieties of crackers, christmas pudding, mince pies, biscuits, chocolates, meats of all description, favourite drinks such as teas, coffee, wines, champagnes and numerous other festive treats.

Luxury hampers are generally more decorated than the non luxury hampers but they can still be within a reasonable budget.

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a good luxury Christmas hamper!




Your very own Christmas hamper

Jealous of the hamper that you have just made or bought for that lucky family member of yours? Don’t forget you can also create your very own Christmas hampers for the holiday season too.

Are you the type of person who likes having specific treats at different parts of the festive season? Do you get annoyed when your partner eats the festive cakes meant for new years eve on christmas day instead? Creating a hamper for the individual special days during the holidays will help everyone know when those tasty treats can be touched! 


Christmas Eve hamper

Create a hamper for Christmas Eve. Imagine your family opening up a hamper with matching christmas pyjamas for everyone to wear that night. The delight on their faces when they see the delicious christmas treats in the hamper that you can eat together, whilst watching your favourite christmas movies. If you have children, treats for Santa and Rudolph can also be included, ready for the kids to put out before they head to bed.


Christmas morning hamper

This hamper can include all the treats allowed during the morning including the ultimate Christmas breakfast treats. This could include food items such as muffins, croissants filled with chocolate, christmas style biscuits and drinks such as special coffee you don’t normally drink or bottles of bucks fizz.


Christmas Day hamper

A special Christmas Day hamper could include on the favourite festive snacks that everyone can nibble on throughout the day, especially if you are a family who have their Christmas dinner later in the day. The hamper could include festive fruit and nuts, crisps, and the all important christmas chocolates. Nice drinks for all the family such as wine, and fizzy pop for the younger members/ non drinkers of the family. Simply fill this hamper with everything you and your family enjoy.

Ideas for non edible objects in a Christmas Day hamper could be christmas hats for all the family to wear during the day. Or matching Christmas jumpers to wear during Christmas dinner or travelling around in the cold weather to visit other family members and friends during the day.



More Inspiration

Boxing day or New Years Eve hamper

Boxing day and New Years Eve are other times during the festive period where friends and family gather, have a catch up and enjoy themselves. It usually involves plenty of party snacks and different types of drinks. Bringing a hamper for the hosts to use during the event would be a lovely idea. These hampers could contain again favourite party food, savoury and non savourary, party games could also be packed in them to have some fun with later on in the night. A good festive hamper contains all the vital food and non-food items for any special occasion.


Not just for christmas time

As hampers are such a great gift, they can be used for thoughtful presents at other times of the year. You could prepare a personal gift hamper for a loved one for Valentines day, create the Easter Day hamper or could be used for anyones birthday. There is such an unlimited choice when it comes to a hamper.


What The Awesome Hamper Company can do for you

If you are not the creative type and do not want to make your own hamper, The Awesome Hamper Company is there to save the day. They have a range of perfect Christmas hampers for you to choose from to make the perfect gift that any recipient will love.

They have a large range of opulent luxury Christmas food hampers filled to the brim with high quality biscuits, crisps, cheeses and other amazing delicacies that are loved during the Christmas period.

The Awesome Hamper Company has hampers to suit any budget and the hampers can be used for other special occasions throughout the year.

Need a hamper for a person who just loves their sweets? The Awesome Hamper company has a range of sweet hampers to suit any sweet tooth. They have hampers filled with retro sweets from different decades to American style candy. The Awesome hamper company has numerous hampers for any chocolate lover too.

Each hamper at The Awesome Hamper Company can be personalised with any message to your nearest and dearest. A personalised hamper shows how much thought you put into the gift.

The Awesome Hamper company prides itself on being a quality British hamper company that can provide the best Christmas hampers and hampers for other occasions. Each item in the hampers or gift boxes (if you would prefer) is carefully selected for being the finest quality and carefully packaged. 

Christmas Gift Hamper

If you want to make your own homemade hamper this festive season but need some inspiration on what to fill it with or  more ideas on how to decorate your hamper again use the Awesome Hamper company to help you out. There are fantastic examples of good Christmas hampers. Visit the website to help get those creative juices flowing.

A gift hamper is a fantastic Christmas gift that will never be forgotten about. Whether it is homemade or a shop bought hamper it will always be one the recipient loves.  A good christmas hamper all have the key ingredients of being personal to the recipient or specific to the day or event and impressively decorated. 

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