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Unique Tea Blends you have to try!

February 16, 2024

Unique Tea Blends you have to try!

In the UK, when we love something we tend to stick with it, and over half of Brits say their cuppa tea of choice is a classic English Breakfast tea, and to be honest, we don't blame them. English Breakfast tea is popular for a reason!

But, across the world, there are around 1,500 different types of tea blends and each one is unique and delicious. From herbal tea, to fruit infusions, to loose leaf teas, we have decided to put out favourite unusual tea blends all into one place.

It's time to step outside your comfort zone, you never know, you might find you new after dinner treat!

Tea Blends

Earl Grey

A tea you might recognise is Earl Grey, it is a variety of black tea flavoured with the oil of bergamot (this is also one of the essential oils). The bold black tea base is complemented by the bright and citrus notes of bergamot. This unique tea blend is popular among many tea lovers and is featured in our Jumbo Tea Hampers.

A tea blend flavoured with bergamot oil is said to have been given to the previous minister, Charles Grey, which is where it gets its name from.

Earl Grey is best served black with hot water without milk, although you can experiment with flavours and create an Earl Grey you love.


This calming tea is made from a blend of dried flowers of the Chamomile plant. It flavour is described as mild, floral and sweet and it has been described as 'apple like'.

This fragrant brew is naturally caffeine free so it also usually enjoyed when people are trying to unwind before bedtime.

This tea blend has many health benefits including antioxidants, it can be used to aid digestion and relaxation. Due to this it is often drunk at night so that you get a great nights sleep and are ready for a great start to your morning.

Our Tea Gift Hamper is the perfect way to treat a tea lover who wants to try new blends.

Mix of tea blends

Green Tea

Green tea is a unique tea made from Camellia leaves and buds. Green teas taste delicate and fresh and the flavour is sometimes described as nutty and grassy.

Rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, this tea blend helps reduce inflammation and can prevent damage caused by free cells.

Green tea was reportedly discovered over 4,000 years ago in China by Emperor Shen Nong. According to legend, a few tea leaves accidentally fell into the emperor's pot of boiling water. Intrigued by the resulting infusion, he tasted it and found it to be refreshing and invigorating.

Green tea comes in a range of unique flavours and blends. You can try a few in our Green & Herbal teas hamper.

Japanese Cherry Green Tea

The Japanese Cheery green tea base is typically a high-quality Japanese green tea, such as Sencha or Bancha. These teas are known for their vibrant green colour.

The tea is infused with natural or artificial cherry flavouring to impart a sweet and fruity taste. The cherry flavour adds a layer of complexity and sweetness to the green tea, creating a harmonious blend.

Japanese Cherry Green Tea can be brewed hot or cold, depending on personal preference and the season. It can be sweetened with honey or sugar if desired.

The perfect gift for any green and herbal tea lover is our Green & herbal tea hamper which includes the delicious Japanese Cherry Green tea.

Green tea leaves


Rooibos tea, also know as 'red bush' is a South African infusion made from the Aspalathus linearis plant.

With a naturally sweet and nutty flavour and fruity undertones, Rooibos tea is often described as smooth and well balanced.

Rooibos can be enjoyed on its own or blended with other herbs, fruit, or spices to create a variety of flavored infusions.

If you're looking to try Rooibos tea, in our Green & herbal tea box you'll find a Banana Bee Rooibos Herbal Infusion which is absolutely delicious!

Ginger and Lemon grass tea

Found in our popular fruit tea hamper, the unique blend of ginger and lemongrass tea is a refreshing herbal infusion that combines the bold and warming flavour of ginger with the hint of citrus and aromatic notes of lemongrass.

The combination of ginger and lemongrass not only offers a refreshing taste but can also provide a sense of relaxation and energy, making it suitable for a range of different moods and occasions.

Whether you try this blend for its taste or for its wellness properties, ginger and lemongrass tea provides a versatile and enjoyable tea drinking experience.

Tea Selection


Darjeeling tea is a black tea that is grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. Often referred to as the "Champagne of Teas," Darjeeling tea is renowned for its distinctive flavour, aroma, and high quality characteristics.

This black tea has floral, fruity and sometimes spicy flavour notes.

Darjeeling tea is a prized and sought-after beverage that offers a unique and delightful experience for tea enthusiasts. Whether sipped on its own or paired with food, Darjeeling tea stands out for its complexity and is a must try if you are a tea lover!

Yellow tea

A rare tea blend is yellow tea, yellow tea is appreciated for its mellow taste and subtle complexity.

Yellow tea has a flavour profile that is often described as smoother, less grassy, and more mellow compared to green tea. It has a much more rounded and subtle taste!

While less commonly found than other types of tea, yellow tea has its own unique appeal for those who appreciate a smoother and mellower tea experience.


This tea blend holds cultural significance in many parts of the world. It is considered a symbol of hospitality in some cultures and is often included in festive and celebratory dishes.

There are two main types of Cardamom herb - green and black. Green cardamom is the more common and widely used variety, while black cardamom has a smokier and more robust flavour.


Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon tea is a warm and flavourful beverage made by infusing cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon in hot water. Cinnamon, derived from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree, imparts a sweet and spicy taste, making it a popular choice for tea.

The aroma is rich and comforting, making it a popular choice, especially during colder months.

Strawberry and cream fruit tea

Strawberry and cream fruit tea is inspired by Britain's favourite dessert. Made with strawberry and apple pieces, rose hips and all natural flavouring, this unique tea brings an exceptional amount of charm to the tea world and is definitely on a must try list!

Sourced from True Tea, our Fruit Tea gift box, includes a delicious strawberry and cream fruit team.

White tea

White tea is a type of tea made from the young leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is minimally processed, withered, and dried, resulting in a delicate and light beverage.

It often has subtle notes of sweetness, light floral undertones, and a refreshing character.

White tea provides a gentle and refined tea-drinking experience.

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