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The Gourmet Popcorn BOOM! The Latest Must-Try Flavours!

October 18, 2022

The Gourmet Popcorn BOOM! The Latest Must-Try Flavours!

Gourmet popcorn is something so simple that we’re honestly a little astonished it hasn’t been done before! Instead, we’ve seen a recent boost in the popularity of gourmet popcorn, will all sorts of new varieties being brought to the fore and shown off with pride.

Popcorn is great food, so we totally understand the appreciation for the classic snack option. Not only does it have a wonderfully fascinating and complex texture, but also it has a tasty flavour profile that can change from flavour to flavour really easily.

In this article, we’re going to run through three big flavours that we offer as part of our amazing hampers, and we’re going to talk about precisely why we adore them quite so much. We have, of course, included some of these amazing flavours in our gift hampers!

Pop ‘n’ Choc

Pop ‘n’ choc is a wonderful flavour that we’re really fond of. When we first sampled some of the early bags that we were able to get out hands-on, it was easy to see why it’s such a well-selling flavour. Not only is the chocolate rich and delicate, but it doesn’t overpower the natural sweetness of the popcorn itself.

The smooth, rich flavour of pop ‘n’ choc truly serves to finish off a number of our hampers, making them delightfully decadent offerings that are hard to refuse.

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and cream are a core taste of the summer, with the berries bringing a tasty fruitiness and sweetness that only they can offer. Strawberries have that quintessential flavour that is all the more pronounced in truly fresh and fragrant red berries from a farmer’s field - that flavour is replicated wonderfully well here, with popcorn’s crunchy texture being at odds with the soft, delicate notes of true strawberry.

This is a popular flavour in our corporate hampers range!


Toffee flavoured popcorn is something that’s truly adored by a suite of people the world over - the rigid, almost crunchy outer coating is something that serves to boost the texture of a great handful of popcorn, leaving you with a sweet, rich, and wonderful snack option.


Chilli and Lime

Chilli and lime is a little more adventurous than some of the others on this list, but it’s definitely an option that we’ve seen becoming more prominent in the popcorn world. The heat of the chilli and sharp acidity of the lime combine to make a flavour that’s really sharp and powerful - precisely the kind of thing that people are commonly looking for in a quick snack.


When you’re dealing with a large bag of something sweet that you’d really like to sit and munch your way through in one sitting, it’s perfectly reasonable that you might consider a few different ways to alter the sweetness and make it a little more palatable for you in the long term. With that in mind, we might suggest the use of citrus or, in this case, berries!

With a warm bowl of berry crumble and custard being a sign of the summer as the sun slowly sets over the course of a few hours, this berrylicious popcorn makes us feel delightfully nostalgic and hungry for a little more. Be warned, though, this moreish snack doesn’t go on forever, despite how much you may well want it to!


Cheesy popcorn is nowhere near as novel as some of the other flavours on this recipe, but it’s a little more rare than ‘salted’, for example. This flavour is usually vegan, as the cheesy flavour comes from an ingredient called ‘nutritional yeast’. Despite the fact that it doesn’t sound very appetising, the flavour is really rich, buttery, and cheesy - it makes for a great seasoning for popcorn!

Cheese popcorn is a great savoury snack for when salted popcorn sounds a bit too intense - it’s sharp, as well as being mellow.


Salted popcorn is one of the classics, of course, which means that it’s pretty unlikely it will ever go away! The smoothness of great popcorn kernels and the rich, savoury notes of great salted popcorn are hard to forget.

The thing that truly makes salted popcorn fantastic is that it’s a great combination of smooth corn and harsh salt, resulting in a brilliantly balanced snack food. On top of that, the lack of calories in salt (when compared to sugar or other toppings) makes for a really healthy snack that can be ideal for a midday treat.


Parmesan Ranch

This is something that we hadn’t actually heard of until we started researching for this article, but it’s such a good offering that we had to include it! Featured on several different recipe sites, this flavour combines real herbs, butter, cheese, and seasonings to create a surprisingly complex snack food - it’s super addictive!

We hope that this list of some great popcorn flavours has helped you to understand the reasons we enjoy the wonders of great popcorn no matter where we are. From the exceptional texture to the versatile list of flavours, popcorn can truly be wonderfully delicious.


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