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Our Guide to the Greatest Whisky Cocktails

July 21, 2021

Our Guide to the Greatest Whisky Cocktails

Whisky is a strongly flavoured spirit which is loved the world over thanks to its distinctive taste and versatility when it comes to mixers and cocktails. Created using fermented, malted grains, different whiskeys have different characteristics depending on how they are made and distilled, creating a wide kaleidoscope of flavours ranging from smoky to peaty.

With so many different whiskeys available on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to discover the exact taste, flavour and sensation you’re looking for when it comes to creating the perfect whiskey on the rocks or whisky based cocktail.

At the Awesome Hamper Company, we love a good whiskey. So much so, we’ve created a range of whiskey based gifts, including whisky hampers, for those who enjoy a tipple now and again. In this blog post we’ll be sharing some of our whiskey expertise, helping you to discover the perfect flavour to suit you.

What are the differences between different types of whiskey?

In total, there are around nine distinctive types of whiskey which are available, sourced from all corners of the world.

From Irish and American whiskey, through to Scottish whiskey and even Japanese whiskey, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

The most popular and well known forms of whiskey tend to be from Scotland (known as Scotch), Irish and American whiskey (including bourbon). You’ll find plenty of these types of whiskey on supermarket shelves up and down the country, and includes well known brands such as Jameson's and Jack Daniels.

There are an array of different flavours when it comes to different types of whiskey. Scotch tends to have an earthy, smoky flavour, whilst Irish whiskey is much more smoother on the palette. On the other side of the spectrum is Japanese whiskey which offers a much smokier, drier flavour thanks to the barley used in its production and the wooden caskets it is stored in.

What mixers should you use with whiskey?

For some people, whiskey doesn’t need to be mixed with anything. It's true that enjoying whiskey neat or over ice (on the rocks) is a traditional way of enjoying this unique beverage. However, the taste of whiskey can still be enjoyed by those who prefer their drink to not be as strong by mixing a measure of whiskey with a mixer, or enjoying it as part of a cocktail.

In our opinion, one of the best mixers to try with a whiskey is a ginger beer. The subtle taste of ginger perfectly complements the smoky aroma and the depth of flavour of a good whiskey, adding a refreshing fizz, especially when combined with a few ice cubes.

However, if you’re just looking for a bit of fizz and to not add any extra flavour, traditional soda water is a good option. You can make the drink as weak or as strong as you like, whilst still enjoying the bubbles!

Whilst there is no denying that coke also makes a fantastic mixer for whiskey. The sweetness of this fizzy beverage, combined with the strong taste of whiskey creates a taste bud tingling mixture of sweet and smoky flavours. Absolutely perfect if you have a bit of a sweet tooth!

What cocktails are made using whiskey?

As a spirit which has been around for generations, it's unsurprising that there is a whole host of cocktails which are created using whiskey as a base.

Many classic cocktails feature whiskey as a base ingredient including  an ‘Old Fashioned’ (a simple combination of bitters, sodas and orange), ‘Whiskey Sour’ (which believe it or not contains egg whites as one of its ingredients) and ‘Manhattans’.

As whiskey is so versatile it can be used in a wide array of cocktail recipes… Why not try to create your own next time you're enjoying a bottle of whiskey?

We've included below an image of one of our favourite whisky's - Jack Daniels. Did you know that the Jack Daniels distillery is in fact location in a 'dry country'? This means that the sale of alcohol here is actually prohibited but an exception has been made due to the worldwide popularity of this famous whisky.

Jack Daniels Whisky

At the Awesome Hamper Company we have a wide range of whiskey hampers and whiskey gift sets available for the whiskey connoisseur. Whatever the occasion, celebrate in style with the Awesome Hamper Company.

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