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The Best UK Sweet & Chocolate Gifts in 2021

May 06, 2021

The Best UK Sweet & Chocolate Gifts in 2021

If you’re not sure what to gift to your loved ones this year, then chocolate or sweets are always a wonderful idea. I mean, who doesn't love these delectable treats? The biggest plus side of any of the below gifts is that you can even enjoy one or two of these yourself ;)

When it comes to choosing the right gift, where do you start? There are a huge range of sweet and chocolate hampers, gifts, boxes, towers, trees. You name the shape and I can almost guarantee there’s a chocolate version! We’ve scoured the internet, browsed websites, and chosen some of our favourite products this year to give to your favourite person. 

Chocolate Gift Hampers

Chocolate gift hampers are one of the first options on the list There are a huge number of options out there containing everything from your Dairy Milks and Galaxy bars to your more luxury Ferrero Rochers and Lindt. There are also options to personalise your hamper with a card - some companies even allow to add in a bottle of bubbly or a bunch of flowers. Check out some of the options available at the www.sweethampercompany.co.uk 

Heart Chocolate Boxes

These are cool because you get to express your love in a “tasty” way. These are highly likely to contain individual chocolates that bars or packets. They are usually on the ‘smaller’ side in the gift department but are a great to gift to go alongside a main present. Companies such as John Lewis or Thorntons offers some great options and also include personalisation with some of the boxes.

Assorted chocolate pearls

It’s become quite a trend to see this type of chocolate product for sale. These are a very high quality Artisan chocolate and only a few niche companies currently make them. They are a super cute gift but a little more pricey than the other options on this list - especially if you’re looking to get a decent sized box of them! 

Bottle of Wine Chocolate Truffles

What goes better with some chocolate truffles than a nice expensive bottle of wine? We always suggest planning ahead for this one and finding out your partners (or friends) favourite wine (if you dont already know of course). You may think that this is quite a specific product to try and find if you’re looking for a particular type of wine. But you could buy the two separately and present them together in a neatly wrapped gift bag or basket? 

Chocolate Gifts

Tower of Chocolates 

Now this is a gift that we’re looking to introduce to our range at the Awesome Hamper Company in the coming months. We absolutely love how these can be presented! They are something a bit different to the normal hampers and we can get super creative in wrapping these up. We can also get creative in combining a number of select chocolates or sweets to some of the bigger towers. So keep your eyes peeled on our site for these!

Chocolate bucket gift

Similar to a chocolate or sweet bouquet, but presented in a bucket! Yes you read that right, a bucket. Usually includes a number of your favourite UK chocolate bars from Galaxy to Curly Wurld. There are even some more luxurious options out there like Ferrero Rocher buckets!


It’s important to share a great sweet or chocolate gift with your loved ones on their special day. We recommend you check out any of the above products once you know what kind of direction you’re looking to take. Take your time, do your research, and you are bound to make that person super happy on receiving the gift. 

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