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The Best “Thank You Teacher” Gift Ideas

June 21, 2021

The Best “Thank You Teacher” Gift Ideas

Every year, we all flock to the supermarket to get our children's teachers a gift to say thank you for their hard work and dedication to the education of the youth. It’s an important job that deserves a special gift, and sometimes it can be hard to not just go and pick up the apple themed mug from the shop. 

That is why we’ve pulled together a list of gifts that teachers actually want so you can gift them a little something that they will really love. 

There are so many small, but brilliant, ways to thank the teachers that make a difference from handwritten notes to thank you hampers (and it doesn’t even have to cost any money!). The best teachers gifts from students are the gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful, because at the end of the day, it is the thought that counts!

Handwritten Thank You Notes 

For teachers, knowing that they are truly valued and appreciated is one of the best gifts that you can give, so why not gift them with a handwritten note that outlines your true thankfulness and how much they have helped. 

You could add some funny memories, the best things about the teacher and how they have helped the student throughout the year. 

A gift like this will go a long way and will put a smile on teachers faces! To go the extra mile you can make a card yourself.

A Book

Perfect for any teacher, but especially those who teach and love English, a book would go a really long way. You could give them a book you loved, or find a funny teacher themed book. 

This is a thoughtful, and practical, gift that will brighten up their day. If you’re feeling generous, you could even add a fun book mark to this gift so that they always know where they left the story. 

A Mug

A mug with a motivational message or cute pattern is the perfect gift for any teacher because who can ever have enough mugs?! With every morning coffee they'll be reminded of past students who they've made a difference to.

It can also have a second purpose, a teachers desk has usually got all sorts of stationary and other stuff scattered across it, so they could also use it as a pot to store all of this equipment in.

Scattered on your teacher’s desk are all sorts of pens, pencils, and other stationery because it

Many websites on the internet sell customised mugs and you have the option of getting anything written on it. You can write “thank you”, “my favourite teacher”, "world's greatest teacher" or even your teacher’s name. It will make them feel appreciated seeing you put in the extra effort for them. 

Personalised Notebook 

No one needs a personalised notebook more than a teacher because they not only write things related to their job but also important dates, grades of students, and all the things they have to get done. Getting a personalised notebook for your teacher would be a great idea because it will feel personal and will most likely be very dear to your teacher. 

You can choose what to get customised on the cover of the notebook. It could be related to the subject they teach or something they like, or even a school class photo so they don't forget your year. You can add a lovely quote related to teachers or even a small appreciation note on the cover, which will surely make your teacher always remember you and be an inspiration in all future classes they teach.

Sweet Bouquet

A traditional flower bouquet is nice, but a bouquet filled with sweets and chocolate? Even better! If you really want to treat your friend or your teacher to a luxurious sweet gift, our range of sweet bouquets are perfect...

Our Personalised sweet bouquet box is packed with some of the UK's best selling sweets so it's hard for anyone to resist and looks amazing!

This could also be a great gift to get for the staff room for the teachers to share as a group gift from your child.

Hot Drink Hampers

Ever seen a teacher start the morning in the classroom without a nice hot cup of coffee or tea? No, neither have we!

A staple part of most teachers routines is a nice drink to start the day and our hot drink hampers - with both tea hampers and coffee hampers available, you'll be able to make some teachers very happy with the perfect teacher gift box.

Gift Card

For many reasons, gift cards are the perfect teacher gifts. They allow the teacher to treat themselves and stop their classrooms from clogging up with things they don't need, which is why they are one of the best teacher gifts.

You could get a gift card for anything - from amazon to Starbucks and your child's teacher will be super happy!

Personalised Teacher Stamp

We all know that one teacher who loves a stamp, so why not get them their very own personalised stamp? This personalised gift is a great way to spruce up any teachers collection of stamps.

This kind of gift is really thoughtful and is the perfect best teacher gift!

A Sweet Hamper

An edible gift teachers will be fighting over! Nothing quite says thank you like a gift box full to the brim with sweets and with our range of sweet & chocolate hampers you can be sure these are gifts teachers will love!

With classic goodies like dip dabs and chocolate buttons, you can't go wrong with an Awesome Hamper sweet hamper!

A Set of Candles

After a long day of teaching, most teachers love to go home and relax, which is why a set of gorgeous smelling candles is the perfect end of year treat to gift on the last day of school - just in time for the summer holidays when this thank you gift can be fully enjoyed!

If you want to get a big gift, like our Luxury Candles Hamper, you could club together with the other parents and get the teacher a whole class present!

Relaxation Gift Set

It's not surprise that when summer comes around, teachers need a few days to relax and pamper themselves. Our pamper hampers are the perfect gift for any teacher, giving them an at home spa that will leave them feeling relaxed for days!

As gifts for teachers go, we think that this one would be at the top of any teachers list at the end of a long, hard day. Thank them for their hard work by getting them the best gift of treating themselves!


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