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The Best “Thank You Teacher” Gift Ideas

June 21, 2021

The Best “Thank You Teacher” Gift Ideas

Have you ever wanted to give something to a teacher as a thank you for his or her services, for helping you gain knowledge, for being supportive when you did not understand something in class? Teachers can be  like a third parent and a great one can help you get through tough subjects. 

There are some great and unique ideas out there for what to gift your teacher at the end of your school term of life - or maye they’ve just been super helpful in a given period in time? If you want to show your appreciation to a teacher in the form of a gift or by doing something for them, here are some ideas that you can use for inspiration. 

 Thank You Cards

There is no better gift than a handwritten thank you card from a student to their teacher. It shows the effort the student has put in to show their appreciation of the teacher. One can add what they like about their teacher, how they have helped one become a better student in certain subjects etcetera. 

You can either make one all by yourself from scratch or you can buy a thank you teacher card and add your thoughts about your teacher to it. Both would show you appreciation towards your teacher and is a great gift to give your teacher. 

A Book 

If it is an English teacher, a book would be a great idea along with a small thank you note. You can pick out any of your favorite books and give them to your teacher. It is like sharing a part of your life with your favorite teacher. 

It is thoughtful, adds to one’s knowledge, and every time your teacher looks at it, they will be reminded of you, the student that got them a gift and they will feel appreciated. 

A Mug

Scattered on your teacher’s desk are all sorts of pens, pencils, and other stationery because it is always used for grading papers and taking notes. 

A mug can serve not just one but two purposes. Your teacher can have some morning coffee in it or they can keep it on their desk and put all their stationery in it. I mean, if you don’t believe us take a look on your teachers desk next time you’re in!

Many websites on the internet sell customized mugs and you have the option of getting anything written on it. You can write “thank you”, “my favorite teacher” or even your teacher’s name. It will make them feel appreciated seeing you put in the extra effort for them. 

Personalised Notebook 

No one needs a notebook more than a teacher because they not only write things related to their job but also important dates, grades of students, and all the things they have to get done. Getting a personalised notebook for your teacher would be a great idea because it will feel personal and will most likely be very dear to your teacher. 

You can choose what to get customized on the cover of the notebook. It could be related to the subject they teach or something they like. You can add a quote related to teachers or even a small appreciation note on the cover, which will surely make your teacher always remember you. 

Teacher Thank You Hamper

Our very own hampers just had to be featured, didnt they? The Awesome Hamper Company has a few cool and unique thank you hampers that can be tailored to your teacher with a personalised gift card. Some of our hampers contain sweets, chocolates, stationary and much more. We’re always looking to expand our range too so let us know if you think we’re got something special missing!

If you think we’ve missed off some cool ideas for teacher thank you gifts please do let us know - maybe we can add something in!

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