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Luxury Shopping in London

June 07, 2021

Luxury Shopping in London

Summertime is holiday time, especially the two months of June and July (and possibly August too!). London is an excellent place to explore in the warm summers of England. Holidays are always accompanied by a lot of shopping and eating at different locations. 

In a city as big as London, it is not difficult to find shopping stores or malls. However, it is almost impossible to visit all the stores and shops. It would be best if you had an idea of which stores you would like to visit so that you can do it in the few days you are staying in London. 

If you find yourself wondering what stores you should visit, here is a shortlist of places known for luxury shopping in London. Dont forget, of course, if you’re looking for some luxurious high end gifts that these can also be found online. Our very own Luxury Gift Hampers are testament to this!


Harrods is one of the largest shopping centers located in Knightsbridge in London. It is also a British landmark constructed almost 184 years ago. The building consists of seven floors with food, fashionable clothes, home appliances, technology, shoes, etc. It can take an entire day to explore the whole place, but it is worth a visit. 

Bond Street

Bond Street is divided into old and new bond street. You’ll find almost every luxurious brand outlet in this street, including Tiffany and Co., Cartier, and De Beers. The old bond street is famous for elegant jewelry shops, while the new bond street is famous for being home to clothing stores of Chanel and Dior.

Liberty London

At liberty, you will also get a chance to click some beautiful pictures capturing British heritage. The entrance of the Liberty building is decorated with flowers which act as a perfect background to capture memorable photographs with family or whoever you are visiting with. 

Inside the building, you can expect to see cosmetic stores and household product shops. The place is mainly known for selling the best fabric prints in London, so it is always crowded with fashion designers. 

The Kooples

A French fashion designer owns the Kooples. It also has many outlets in London, which has contributed to the fame of the brand in the U.K. The Kooples is all about fashion, both the trending styles and the traditional ones. 

You can expect to see an exhibition of discerning cocktail dresses, 70’s style jumpsuits, comfortable sportswear, and fashionable accessories. If you love being fancy, The Kooples is guaranteed to become your favorite store in the U.K.


Famous for its checkered clothing, Burberry is a go-to place for shopping for leather products, coats, eyewear, and fragrances. Burberry has many outlets distributed throughout the city. Burberry sells winter wear for women, men, and children, including unique fragrances that you will hardly find anywhere in London. 

The city of London boasts the best of boutiques, eateries, clubs, sightseeing spots, and so on. There are good options for Luxury shopping in London, but it depends on the amount of time you have in the city. Do not miss out on the affluent fashion stores and brand outlets in London, which is known to be the fashion capital of England.

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