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Gifts beginning with E - The Awesome Gift Encyclopedia

October 10, 2022

Gifts beginning with E - The Awesome Gift Encyclopedia

Gifts beginning with e can be hard to think up, and harder to track down.

We're going to suggest that you take a look throughout the list, and find the most excellent gifts and gift hampers beginning with e.

Gift Ideas

Gift ideas don't have to come to you naturally. This is a common thought that people tend to have since they want to share a happy memory with the giftee.

Simply recognising the fact that a gift would be a great gift for someone is half the battle, so tracking down a gift beginning with the letter e and realising who it would be perfect for is a great first step!

Housewarming gift

Housewarming gifts can be an excellent excuse to get your gift-buying gloves out before the Christmas season truly gets going. For an 'e' housewarming gift, we might suggest envelopes!

While this isn't a wonderfully exciting gift, people moving into a new home often find themselves having to mail out a nearly uncountable number of change of address cards.

Envelopes will be exceptionally handy, and the giftee will thank you every time they use a letter.

Letter e

Letter e, the fifth letter in the alphabet, is the most common one in the English language.

For that reason, you may think that the perfect gift would spring to mind automatically.

If it didn't, then that's fine too - an excellent gift for your loved one is sure to be on this list somewhere.

Perfect Gift

The perfect gift doesn't have to be an expensive one. Instead, it can simply be one that you've put thought into.

A thoughtful gift is the most important one, not the one that you spent the most money on.

What gifts begin with E?

There is a whole suite of gifts beginning with the letter e! From easels to emeralds and earmuffs to egg slicers, you're spoiled for choice.

What are examples of sentimental gifts?

Sentimental gifts are gifts that usually relate to the giftee's number one hobby.

Usually, it will relate to the hobby without being essential.

For example, if you're buying a gift for someone that knits, then knitting needles wouldn't be a good idea, but decorative stitch markers would be.

What gifts start with a?

There are plenty of gifts beginning with a, and to check those out, you'll have to check elsewhere on our site!

Electric Car

An electric car is a thing that starts off our list, but don't worry, we're not spending all the money upfront on a Tesla!

Instead, we would suggest getting a small electric car for your kids to drive around the garden.

This is something big enough to feel like a HUGE gift, but small enough to not break the bank.

Electric Car

Event Tickets

Event tickets make an exceptionally good gift. Not only do you get the excitement of opening them on Christmas day and thinking about how good the event will be, but you get to actually go to the gift!

Generally, we'd recommend getting either concert tickets or comedy tickets - those are the safest options.

If you know your giftee would like a ticket to Romeo and Juliet, though, don't let us stop you!


Perfect for the most artistic person in your life, an easel can be a lovely gift to enhance someone's painting area.

The easel that you track down doesn't have to be freestanding, but it could be a tabletop easel.

This would be ideal for an artist that adores creating fine details since the easel will be closer to their eyes - a nice gift that they will use regularly.


Emerald Ring

Emeralds are utterly beautiful - their deep green colour is rich and alluring, and they're truly beloved by people all over the world.

It's not a cheap gift, which stands you in good stead with certain people, but the best benefit is that it's versatile.

You don't have to get a ring, of course, but a necklace or a bracelet could be just as beautiful.

Elf on the Shelf

This is certainly a Christmas gift, though it's one that kids will adore. The magic of the elf moving around the house is exciting on its own, but imagine how exciting it could be to unwrap the elf on Christmas morning!

A great idea could be to write a short letter to the kids in question, letting them know that the elf will be heading back to the North Pole soon, and that he hopes they have a wonderful Christmas day.

Elf on a shelf

Egg Chair

If you're buying a gift for the summertime, then an outdoor egg chair is a great letter-e gift that will allow someone endless hours of relaxation in blissful weather.

The chairs are simple - a comfortable, padded chair dangling from an overhead hook. Typically the chairs are outdoor furniture, though they can be used indoors too.

They're meant to be exceptionally comfortable and could be a symbol of a larger gift: free time away from the stress of day-to-day life.

Eyeglass Stand

An eyeglass stand is perfect for any glasses wearers that you might know and love. We guarantee that they lose their glasses all the time since the majority of glasses wearers do.

To ensure that they always keep track of their frames from now on, an eyeglass stand can be the perfect thing!

Exercise Bike

Exercise bike

For a fitness fanatic, an exercise bike can be a great gift idea. Home exercise bikes typically aren't too expensive, and could be just the thing someone needs to see every morning to motivate them to exercise.

If the person already has a regular bike, kits can be bought to raise the bike slightly, allowing for it to be ridden while stationary.

Elephant Sculpture

Elephants have long been symbols of good luck and happiness, plus they're simply just sweet creatures.

If you're looking to bring a dose of cuteness to someone you love, elephants can be at the heart of your gift-giving.


Echo is a smart speaker from Amazon, and there is a whole range of their up for grabs nowadays. They're quite flashy and fancy, meaning that they could be a gift on someone's list already.

As gifts starting with the letter e go, it's certainly a wise choice!

Amazon Echo

Egg Bite Maker

Egg bites are a wonderful snack that has seen a rise in popularity over recent years, thanks to the fact that they're really quite easy to make.

If you're living with someone that loves a good stocking stuffer, they could be a great choice.

English Grammar Shirts

Admittedly, this could be a bit of a stretch for gifts starting with the letter e, but funny shirts are always a winning gift!

There are plenty of different funny shirts around grammar online, and we'd recommend doing a little research until you find a specific mistake that your giftee makes. Then, the gift is both relevant and silly.

Eagle Feather Pendant

An eagle feather pendant can be a wonderful gift to represent freedom. This can be taken in the sense of the eagle's freedom of flight, or in the patriotic sense that eagles often represent the US.

Either way, an eagle feather pendant can make an elegant gift for someone of any gender!


Earmuffs can be a sweet gag gift, but they're also wonderfully useful! During the winter, there are plenty of people that get chilly ears, and earmuffs can be used to solve that problem.

If you'd like to get creative, you could get a cheap pair of earmuffs and embroider something funny on the muffs themselves.


Estee Lauder Perfume

Estee lauder perfume is lauded as some of the most beautiful and expensive perfume out there, so it's quite handy that it begins with the letter e!

As gift ideas go, this one is a little risky - be certain the person will like Estee Lauder perfume before buying it for them!

Eat, Pray, Love Sign

An eat, pray, love sign has come a long way from being a reference to a book and a movie. Now, it can be a sweet and faithful gift idea for a kitchen.

Gift ideas were all about the concept of 'live, laugh, love', but that's become gauche over time. We quite like this new saying, however!

Euphoria Board Game

Euphoria is a board game ideal for the sci-fi lover in your friends and family.

The game is about building an empire in a dystopian world and is replete with beautiful artwork.

Embroidery Kit


Embroidery gifts are lovely gift ideas for the crafty people in your life. They combine sweet sayings or pictures with the satisfaction of working with your hands.

Consider getting an embroidery kit that matches up with another interest of the giftee, such as food or movies. All sorts of kits can be purchased online now.

Egg Slicer

An egg slicer might be something of a gag gift, but it's a handy one!

Egg slicers can be really useful when you're making food for many people at once - you can save a lot of time!

Envelope Necklace

An envelope necklace can be the best gift for someone that you're a little distant from. Without getting too poetic, it's nice to imagine exchanging letters with someone whenever you look at the necklace.

Of course, the jewellery doesn't have to take the form of a necklace - a ring or a bracelet could be perfect too, depending upon who you're buying for.

Egg Boiler

An egg boiler could be ideal for that person that's super serious about breakfast!

We all know the person that has a two- or three-course breakfast, and there's usually an egg in there somewhere. For that person, and their family, an egg boiler could be a wonderful option.

Eagle Figurine

An eagle figurine is one of many lovely gift ideas for people that adore birds or the USA. The majestic bird can be purchased in a range of poses, and it's worth taking a little time to find the perfect pose for you and the giftee.

Consider getting a figurine of an Eagle in a certain location that has meaning - that can be quite evocative.


Earrings are a sweet gift idea, especially if they're purposefully cute and sweet on their own, or if they contain a person's favourite gemstone.

Consider getting earrings as a stocking stuffer - they don't have to break the bank to be perfectly pretty!


'E' Initial Jewellery

'E' initial jewellery is a lovely way to make the pile on Christmas eve a little bigger. A pleasant thing about the category is that you can get it with their initial, or with yours.

Receiving a gift of your romantic partner's initial can be a very sweet exchange, and we would encourage you to think about the concept quite hard!

Elf Costume

Whether you opt for an elf from Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, a costume can make a fantastic gift.

The reason for this is that it can be sweet and funny to unwrap on its own, plus it's a wrapped-up promise to go to a Hallowe'en party when the time is right.

Elf Costume

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine can be pricey, but it's a meaningful gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Consider checking out independent electronics stores near you. When they sell espresso machines, they're often happy to give a small discount, since the machines can be tricky to sell. Coffee hampers can also be a great 'coffee' related gift!

Espresso Machine


Apple's earpods are simply in-ear headphones that connect to the charging port on an iPhone.

If you know a recent iPhone recipient, then Earpods can be a great way to make sure they're listening to some great tunes on Christmas day.



An eraser can be a lovely gift for two categories of people: stationary lovers, and school kids.

Both of these groups will appreciate receiving the gift of an eraser, whether it's cute, useful, or both.

There are a number of sites online dedicated to exploring any and every hobby you can think of.

Naturally, stationery is among those hobbies - try to track down a list of the best erasers, we're sure you'll find one!


Everest Poster

Mount Everest has long represented the zenith of human achievement - it's the highest that anyone can go in the whole world!

If you're looking to inspire a young one or simply bring a little swatch of joy to a wall, then an Everest poster can be the perfect gift.


There are a huge number of different gifts starting with 'e', and we've only named a few of them here. Take a look at some of the other articles on our site to find gifts starting with different letters - you'll collect the whole alphabet soon enough!

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