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5 Reasons Hampers Make The Perfect Gift

January 28, 2023

5 Reasons Hampers Make The Perfect Gift

Plus the most popular gift hampers for 2023!

Gift Hampers can be an utterly wonderful thing to gift to someone. Not only are they a simple statement of thanks, appreciation, or simply just a gifting spirit, but they’re also a complex and warm gift that speaks of true care for someone else. In this article, we’re going to talk about why hampers make such a great gift, as well as showing you some of the best hampers for 2023!

They’re more exciting than a single present

The first reason that we adore hampers as a gift is that they’re typically much more exciting to unwrap and experience than a single present. For instance, taking a look through a complex and beautiful hamper can have twenty or more different gifts that you must unearth and discover.

This is a really wonderful experience, especially when you compare it to the experience of opening a single gift. While that’s a magical experience in its own right, a hamper packed with many smaller gifts appeals to some part of people that gets excited about acquiring lots of things all at once.

Luxury Food & Drink Hampers

When you’re picking up a hamper for someone, you might want to make sure that the hamper you’ve secured for them is the best one you can possibly get. Naturally, part of that is ensuring that all of the items within it are top quality!

We’ve hand-picked some elegant and top-quality brands to ensure that every single element of our hampers is the best it can possibly be. Within our luxurious wicker hampers, you can find items that are organic, British-made, and sustainably sourced - every element of the baskets is picked to ensure their quality.

Each luxury food hamper comes with a personalised gift card, a selection of designs to choose from and printed on a high quality gift card.

Truly versatile

While there are some gifts that can only be given on certain holidays, hampers are much more versatile. If you’re looking to make a Christmas hamper, for instance, you’ve got a wide range of different options available to you. From simple things like chocolate and nuts to more bespoke offerings, like Christmas crackers or advent candles.

This versatility is never-ending and carries across into many other things about hampers. For example, you can make them totally their own product for a birthday or another personal celebration - packing a hamper with gifts that you know the recipient will adore is a personal and heartfelt gift.

Pink Gin Hamper

Pink gin is something that we’re thrilled to see come to the fore in recent years: it’s a delicious drink with totally beautiful coloration. In this basket, we’ve included five miniature bottles of beautiful gin, with each one being utterly delicious. Among the bunch, our favourite is possibly the Boë peach and hibiscus gin liqueur - it’s sweet, flavourful, and utterly decadent.

On top of the gin, we also offer two cans of tonic, and one can of lemonade, as well as a bar of Gnaw salted caramel chocolate. It’s the perfect companion to a delicious gin and tonic! Check out our pink gin hamper - the perfect gift for any pink/gin lover.

Pink Gin Gifts

The gift experience continues for a long time

Something truly lovely about a great hamper is that the experience of receiving and unpacking one can last for quite a long time. Even if you were to receive a hamper and immediately unpack everything and put it away in the correct, organised location, you’ll still understand that those items were part of a lovely hamper you received not too long ago.

A great example of this can be seen in food items that are sent with a hamper. Since hampers often need to be stored at room temperature, sealed, shelf-stable items are often sent. Therefore, when unpacked, the hamper’s contents may be put into cupboards and fridges throughout the kitchen.

At a later date, the recipient will be able to pick out a specific ingredient, knowing that it came from a hamper that they received. Using that item will bring a small piece of the kindness they felt when they first received the package, allowing them a little burst of happiness.

Bath Bomb Hamper

Bath bombs are a wonderfully delicate and beautiful way to gift a relaxing, warming moment to a loved one. This hamper includes eight bath bombs, all of which smell utterly lovely, and are sure to effervesce wonderfully in a bathtub.

From the French lavender love heart bath bomb to the coconut dream bath bomb, each individual offering in the bath bomb hamper is a slice of heaven that can be bought into a bath near you. Gift a moment of true, spa-like relaxation with our bath bomb hamper.

Bath Bombs

A personalised message always sweetens a gift

With a great hamper, you can typically send a personalised message that’s sure to delight and entertain whoever might receive it. To that end, you can bring a little boost of happiness to everyone that might receive one, mentioning a specific memory, or wishing them a happy holiday or event.

To really boost a personalised message sent with a hamper, you could try to mention items in the hamper along with the message. For instance, you could suggest that someone use different items at different times during their celebration - a bottle of champagne could be paired with orange juice and mentioned as a brunch mimosa option. Later on, some chutneys could be suggested as part of a small cheese board.

Chocolate Gift Hampers

Chocolate is one of the most wonderful gifts, both to give and receive. It has such a beautiful, delicate flavour and texture that it’s almost impossible to imagine anything you might want to receive more. We know a thing or two about both sweet treats and hampers, so we’ve prepared a wide range of perfectly constructed hampers to suit any budget or taste.

Take a look through our wide range of different chocolate hampers, and you’ll see the utter variety of what we have on offer. From a box packed with every Reese’s product imaginable to a box packed to bursting with the finest, most elegant chocolate offerings on the market.

chocolate gifts

There’s a hamper to suit any budget

Hampers can be made up of any number of different items that you might want to put into them. This means that you don’t have to only focus on delivering the most complex and expensive items possible to give a great gift, but you can choose smaller options to better suit your budget.

If you were really looking to keep things on the budget end, a box of mac and cheese, a bag of popcorn, and a few cans of soda could make for a sweet, small hamper ideal for a big night in, watching a movie.

We hope that our short article has given you a few ideas to bring some great hampers to your friends and family. Hampers are truly a wonderful gift, and we hope that you have fun making yours up and handing them out!

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