Gin Tasting Sets & Gifts

Check out our gorgeous range of Gin Tasting Sets & Gin Tasting Gifts available at The Awesome Hamper Company. We recognised that not everybody is a Gin connoisseur so we've created a range of products that suit anybody and everybody. You'll notice that we've included a large number of miniature bottles in these products to ensure the recipient gets a broad taste of the Gins available on the market.

We made sure to include not only some of the most popular brands in the UK such as Gordons, Edinburgh and Hendrick's. But also some more obscure Gin brands to support a range of companies. Interesting and delectable flavours like Peach & Hibiscus, Rhubarb and Ginger and Raspberry make delightful tastes and need to be tried.

This range of products make for a special gift for any birthday, anniversary, Christmas or maybe Valentines. They can be enjoyed alone or with a partner, friend or group of friends. Some of our larger ranges include enough Gin to last a while so can be enjoyed over a period of time. Each product can include a special gift card on which you can write your own special message. 

We offer a range of hampers and boxes to suit all budgets. Some classic Gins and some luxury ones too. Be sure to get in touch if you feel like we're missing anything that you'd like to include and we will of course see what we can do! 

The history of gin is an interesting one. In short, gin is a flavoured vodka, the only real difference being the taste and aroma of the juniper. It's also the drink that brought us the term 'dutch courage' - due to the fact the British fought alongside the Dutch troops who were already drinking 'genever' prior to the battle. It wasn't until the 18th century that the term 'gin' became popular although the drink itself was popular before this time. It wasn't until the British' time in India that G&T became a 'thing' and propelled gin to the forefront of the alcoholic beverage world. Now it's enjoyed worldwide with hundreds and thousands of popular brands and flavours.

All of our gin gift sets are carefully packaged by hand and our beautifully presented. Plus we take time to securely wrap our gin gift sets to ensure that they are not damaged in transit, arriving with the recipient in perfect condition.

If you’re looking to send a gin gift set as a present, our personalisation option can help make the gift even more special. Simply type the message you would like to include and select a beautifully designed gift card to be included. Our personalisation option is sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

At the Awesome Hamper Company we have a wide range of high quality products available, including our gin gift sets, so why not take a look through our entire range below and across the rest of the website. We also offer a range of other popular alcoholic drinks if there is something else that takes your fancy.