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Best hamper ideas for vegans

February 01, 2024

Best hamper ideas for vegans

Over one third of the British population have a new years resolution that includes cutting back on animal products. Just because you choose a vegan diet, it doesn't mean you should miss out on enjoying nice gifts and Christmas presents.

If you're friend or loved one has chosen to cut out animal products, whether just for veganuary or as a long term change, it can be hard to rack up the perfect gift ideas which is why we wanted to share some of the best luxury vegan hampers and how you can create the most amazing vegan gifts for your loved one.

Vegan food hamper

Who doesn't love food? So, to celebrate a plant based lifestyle, or your loved ones birthday, consider finding or creating the perfect luxury vegan food hamper.

Packed with an assortment of thoughtfully chosen plant based snacks, a food hamper is something for everyone to enjoy.

Bringing together all of their favourite vegan treats and popping them all in a vegan hamper is a thoughtful gift to show a loved on you are proud of their lifestyle change.

Start by finding out what they love: have they got a sweet tooth? Or do they love savory snacks, and base the snack hamper around them. You could grab some garlic olives or some vegan crisps and pop then in the hamper. If you're really looking to surprise them, pick a theme like a movie night snack box and pick vegan treats to fit that theme.

If someone's just starting their journey, or their joining in on vegauary, a hamper full of vegan snacks is the perfect gift to get them started on their plant based diet.

If you're feeling brave, you could become a vegan baker and create some delicious vegan baked goods to go in the hamper!

Vegan Wine and Prosecco Hamper

If there's a wine or prosecco lover in your family, you'll know how well a vegan wine and prosecco hamper will go down!

Get the fizz flowing and pop all of their favourite vegan tipples into a hamper - it's a great gift to get a party started or get into the festive spirit and one that will be very much appreciated by your vegan pal.

Have a research of some top vegan wine brands and find the perfect one to show them that you really care. If you're feeling creative, you could find vegan wines from around the world and create a gorgeous vegan gift.

You could also tailor this gift idea to a whole range of drinks!

Vegan Wine

Vegan Gifts & Tea hamper

All of us here in the UK love a good brew and there is no shortage of vegan friendly tasty tea bags, which is why they are the perfect gift for your vegan friend for any occasions.

Whether you're a lover of a classic English Breakfast or you prefer something a little more fruity, a tea hamper is one of the best hamper ideas for vegans.

In addition to tea, complement your hamper with vegan friendly treats, like plant-based biscuits, cookies, or snacks that pair well with a relaxing cup of tea. You could also include reusable and eco-friendly accessories, such as a bamboo tea infuser, to align with the theme.

Try and look for sustainable brands, such as tea pigs, to include in your hamper as these companies do good all year round and fit the ethos of a vegan lifestyle.

Our Tea Hampers make the perfect gift!

Vegan Cheese Hamper

Creating a vegan cheese hamper is a fantastic way to gift vegan friends or loved ones delicious plant-based cheeses, whatever the occasion.

Start by selecting a variety of high-quality vegan cheeses made from different bases like nuts, soy, or coconut. Many brands offer a range of vegan cheeses that mimic the flavours and textures of traditional dairy cheeses.

To really up your game, include an assortment of complementary items in your hamper. Opt for a selection of vegan crackers, bread, or gluten free options to cater to special diets.

If you're feeling crafty, include a recipe card or a guide on how to create the perfect vegan cheese board, offering pairing suggestions and serving tips. This adds a personal touch and helps the recipient enjoy the hamper to its fullest potential.

Pamper Hamper

Indulging in a pamper session is something that we all love and you cannot beat a hamper filled with all the bits you need to treat yourself. This luxurious collection is designed to provide all the essentials for a rejuvenating and relaxing time, catering to the need for a little extra TLC.

Start by selecting premium skincare and bath products that align with a vegan and cruelty-free ethos. Look for brands that use natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle and nourishing pampering experience. Include items such as hydrating face masks, soothing bath salts, scented candles, and aromatic essential oils to create a spa-like atmosphere at home.

Vegan Chocolate hamper

Everyone loves a bar of chocolate sometimes! A vegan chocolate hamper would be the perfect way to treat that person in your life who has a sweet tooth.

With a whole range of dark chocolate and specific vegan chocolates to include in a hamper, you can create the perfect present with a few bars of chocolate and a hamper. Forget about a healthy hamper, get your friends or family a hamper packed with the goodies they love!

Vegan Chocolates

Other Vegan hampers

< Vegan marshmallow toasting kit

Recognising the growing demand for vegan friendly options, the market for luxury vegan hampers has expanded to cater to those who have chosen plant-based living. These hampers go beyond the ordinary, offering a diverse range of vegan delights, from gourmet snacks and treats to skincare and wellness products. Check out our Vegan gift range and find a gift that is perfect for your loved one.



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