Purely Pick n Mix Sweet Hamper

Our Purely Pick n Mix sweet hamper is packed with an assortment of amazing retro and classic pick n mix goodies! Every one of our hampers is handpicked and this contains 21 bags of different sweets. From Jelly Beans to American Hard Gums - it's got everything. It also comes with a free personalised gift card with selection of designs to choose from below. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself?!

All of these pick n mix goodies come neatly packed in our wicker hamper baskets and your free gift card. They are available with UK wide super fast delivery options. 

All of our hampers are carefully packaged by hand and contain only the finest sweet brands and products available in the UK. Some of the delectable sweets that can be found in our sweet hampers are listed below.

An example purely pick n mix sweet hamper contains; Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles, Fizzy Watermelon Slices, Giant Strawberries, Dolly Mixture, Jelly Beans, Juicy Red Lips, Pencil Bites, Strawberries Twist Kisses, American Hard Gums, Yellow Bellies (also known as snakes!), Fried Eggs, Liquorice Allsorts, Pear Drops, Flying Saucers, Giant Cola Bottles, Kola Bricks, Foam Bananas, Sherbet Lemons, Sour Dummies,

*please note that some of the sweets in this box may change depending on stock