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Sweet Bouquet - Large

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Is there anything better than gifting a close friend or relative a gorgeous bunch of flowers on his or her special day? We believe we may a found it! A bouquet made entirely of sweets. Yes our large sweet bouquet is one of our most popular products with it's stunning presentation and it's packed with 25 sweet treats. This sweet bouquet is carefully hand-made and packed in the UK for it's safe delivery.

We've included some of the UKs favourite sweets such as Double Dips, Rainbow Drops, Giant Love Hearts and much more. This sweet bouquet also comes free with a personalised sticker on the front with a range of designs to choose from. Please add your own message by clicking the 'personalise it' button above!

Our sweet bouquet - large contains:

2 x Fizz Wizz Popping Candy
2 x Stinger Bars 16g
1 x Refresher Packs 34g
2 x Giant Fizzers 40g
2 x Double Dips 19g
2 x Flumps 12g
2 x Bubblegum Strips 25g
2 x Giant Love Hearts 39g
2 x Refresher Bars 18g
2 x Rainbow Drops 10g
3 x Fruity Pops Lollies
3 x Double Lollies
2 x Strawberry Refresher Bars 18g
2 x Millions Tubes