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New Mum Hampers & Gifts

Hampers for new mums are something simple and wonderful. As a new mum, the last thing people want to do is sit and think about everything that they might want or need in those first few weeks. Instead, take that thinking off their hands a little, and offer them some much-needed respite. A new mum hamper can include a range of wonderful things for both mum and baby, allowing both of them to have a sweet, relaxing time together as they take a few little moments together.

To add a personal touch, we invite you to make it uniquely special by including a heartfelt message on a beautifully designed card. This allows you to create a personalised keepsake that will be cherished, serving as a lasting reminder of your warm wishes.

Whether you're looking to pamper a new mum before the baby arrives or provide a well-deserved treat after the little one has made their debut, our mummy hampers are the perfect gift solution. Each hamper is a carefully crafted expression of thoughtfulness, recognising the incredible journey that comes with motherhood.

About Our New Mum Hamper Gifts for New Mums

Our new mummy hampers feature a thoughtfully selected range of self-care products, catering to the diverse needs of new mums and mums-to-be.

These hampers go beyond just gifts; they are an invitation to relax, providing a moment of tranquility among the beautiful chaos of welcoming a new baby.

The contents of our new mum hampers are chosen with careful consideration, encompassing items that promote self-care and well-being. Our luxury products do not disappoint.

From soothing bath essentials to pampering skincare products, our hampers offer a holistic approach to nurturing the mind and body during this special time.

Baby Shower Gift

Discover the joy of gifting with our Baby Shower Gift Sets, featuring an array of handpicked items that cater to the needs of both the new mum and the little one.

With a focus on creating gifts filled with practicality and sentimentality, our hampers for new mums include essentials for newborn babies and pampering treats for new mums.

Mum-to-be gift Hampers

Indulge in our exclusive collection of Mum-to-Be Gift Hampers, tailored to celebrate and uplift expectant mothers during this special time.

These hampers are the perfect way to express your love and support for mums-to-be, featuring pampering products and much more.

From teary-eyed moments to joyous smiles, our Mum-to-Be Gift Hampers encompass the sentimentality and excitement that come with the anticipation of a newborn.

New mum gift hamper

Each hamper is a perfect blend of practicality and indulgence, making it an ideal gift to express your love and support for the new mums.

From pampering products to sweet treats, our new mum hampers are the perfect gift sets.

A range of products

With a range of high quality, handpicked products, we are sure that there is something for every mum in our hampers.

Explore our selection of mummy hampers baby gift sets, each designed to create the perfect time for celebrations and expressions of love.

Surprise a mum with a new mum hamper to continue to spread the joy of the new arrival.

Why choose the Awesome Hamper Company?

We are a family run business that pride ourselves in sourcing high quality UK products. Each hamper is handpicked by our small team and beautifully packaged by hand.

Anyone who receives an Awesome Hamper Company gift will be wowed.

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